Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Nevada: Retired police officer runs out and shoots pit bull which was attacking man and his two small dogs

NEVADA -- A pit bull was shot to death after attacking a man at the 8300 block of Fawn Brook Court, near Deer Springs Way and Grand Montecito Parkway.


Police were called to the scene around 6:47 a.m. Friday. Witnesses say the pit bull escaped a yard and attacked a small dog being walked by an owner.

The pit bull then attacked a man. Police had originally said the person attacked was a woman.


Vince Hernandez says he was walking his two dogs, Jay and Willow, when his next door neighbor's pit bull got out and attacked the smaller dog.

Officials say the man was trying to control the pit bull when a neighbor saw what happened and shot the dog. The man was taken to the hospital while the dog died at the scene.

Neighbors say the man who shot the dog is actually a retired police officer. They say he did what he had to do in the situation.

The pit bull owner was not arrested. Police didn't say whether or not they issued the owner any citations for having a vicious dog running loose.

(KNTV - May 12, 2017)

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