Saturday, May 13, 2017

Oklahoma: Little boy, 7, is mauled and scalped by his friend's pit bull

OKLAHOMA -- A Collinsville mother is warning other parents after she said an aggressive dog attacked her son.

Kim Porter said she was at a sporting event with her two daughters when she received a text message telling her that her son has been attacked by a pit bull. She rushed to Saint Francis Hospital only to find out he'd almost lost his life.

"My only son could've been gone," Porter said.

Porter said she dropped her son off with a family friend Tuesday night before a baseball game. She said they'd been to the home before but she'd never let her son get too close to the pit bull she described as "vicious."

"You knew that it was dangerous from the way that it would hunker down and growl," she said.

Do NOT ever let your children go to someone's house where you know they have a vicious dog. There are media stories about how the vicious dog is locked away in the bedroom and the kids forget it's there and open the door and are attacked. Or the parent is in the kitchen fixing lunch and the kids get curious and open the door and the dog attacks them. Or the kids are outside and throwing a football and chasing each other and they get within reach of the chained dog and are attacked. 

Georgia: Seven-year-old boy mauled by babysitter's pit bull, police say

If your child's friend has a mean dog - or even one that your gut instinct tells you not to trust, tell them the friend can come to your house but that your child is NOT going over there.

Her son, Daniel, was outside playing when he got a little too close - just within the dog's reach on his chain.

The dog attacked, leaving the 7-year-old with serious injuries to his head, face, and throat - part of his scalp was completely detached.

He was rushed to the hospital for a two-hour emergency surgery.

Porter said, "I couldn't see my son like that. I just couldn't see my son like that."

Daniel will be okay, but he wasn't the only one attacked.

When Tulsa County Sheriff's Deputy Mike Lahita responded to the scene the pit bull broke through its chain and attacked him.

"The dog latched onto his hands, broke one of his fingers and put several puncture wounds in his hand," said Casey Roebuck with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office.

He fired several shots at the dog, ultimately killing him.

Roebuck said, "Shooting a pet is not something that any deputy wants to do. This is an absolute last resort."

When police went to the house, the pit bull lunged so much
it broke its chain and attacked the officer who killed it

As for Porter, she has a word of advice to other parents.

"If the dog is aggressive, get your baby away from them because my son almost died from a pit bull attack," she said.

The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office said the dog was sent for rabies testing.

GoFundMe link: "Daniel Porters recovery fund"
This is Daniel Porter, my sons classmate, and his very best friend. On May 2, 2017, Daniel was leaving for his baseball game and was attacked and mauled by a pit bull. He required several hours of surgery to his face, head, neck and ear. The total extent of Daniels injuries are as yet not fully known as this happened just hours ago. Updates to his condition will be posted as soon as available, including photos of Daniel and his recovery, and some happier times. We hope and pray that Daniel will be back to his old self soon, and back on the wrestling mat where he excells at the sport he loves. The family would very much appreciate any help you can offer in assisting Daniel with his care and rehabilitation. Please help. Daniel is such a little guy, and to be torn up like this must have been terrifying to him.  Thank you all for thinking of this little boy today and the days to come.

(NewsOn6 - May 3, 2017)

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  1. I live at the property next to where Daniel Porter was mauled. We have lived in fear of these dogs for two years and had REPEATEDLY reported them being loose and unrestrained on ours, and other neighbor's properties to the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office. The "loose and dangerous dog" situation had escalated in previous months and I had to get a Protective Order against the owner of the dog that bit this child when she threatened to kill me. The TCSO did nothing to enforce the laws regarding loose and dangerous dogs and my own dog was killed on our property and another neighbor's dog was killed by these Pit Bulls prior to them turning on this child. EVERYONE, including the property owner was aware of the dog's propensity to attack people and other animals but the dog owner refused to take responsibility for the animal and even stated the dog was "Sweet, and wouldn't hurt a flea."