Sunday, May 14, 2017

Oklahoma: Macaw named Max stranded for days on roof because no one would help until firefighters came to the rescue

OKLAHOMA -- It's the latest incident in a string of pet birds getting loose.

In February, an exotic bird was rescued and in March, parakeet took off only to be reunited with its owner days later.


But recently, another bird took to the skies. Valerie Kelley says she spent five days camping around town after her macaw escaped.

Her bird, named Max, escaped while she was cleaning his cage and he spent time flying from roof to roof and tree to tree. Eventually, he ended up on someone's roof more than a mile from home.


Kelley tried to entice the bird to come down by bringing her other pet bird in a cage. She also tried to offer Max French fries. That didn't work either.

Kelley tried calling rescue groups and even asked for help online. Animal welfare told Newschannel Four they couldn't help so we called the fire department.


Within 15 minutes, a fire truck arrived.

A crew was able to get on the roof and eventually, a firefighter was able to capture the bird return it to Kelley.

Tyler Durham was the one who managed to get the bird. His biggest fear?

"Getting bitten," he laughed.

Meanwhile, Kelley, was on cloud nine.

"I am just elated. I just can’t believe we got him in there. I can’t wait to get him home," said Kelley. “Thank you so much! It didn’t matter who we called or what we did. We could get no one to respond.”

(KFOR - May 13, 2017)

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