Saturday, May 20, 2017

Oklahoma: Six-month-old pit bull that owner claims is a service dog attacks little boy in the face

OKLAHOMA -- An Oklahoma mother said her son underwent reconstructive surgery after he was attacked by what its owner claims is a service dog.

Brandy Carver told KXII that the pit bull that attacked her son had been around the neighborhood kids for months without any issues.


“He wasn’t worried about going up to the dog because it’s something they do all day long,” Carver said. “It was just really really strange.”


She said the dog is often chained down in the back of their apartment complex.

"I always hear it whine and I always go back there to pet it,” 8-year-old Reins told News12.

Do you know any real service dogs that are left chained all day long outside? Isn't the point of a real service dog is that it is with its owner, who needs it, at all times? That's why real service dogs are allowed to go everywhere with their owners.

Reins, 8, said when he bent down to pet the 6-month-old dog, the dog growled and attacked him.

As soon as he said my name I knew something was wrong,” Carver said. “His face right here it was just covered in blood and it was just like, 'What do we do?'"

Reins’ parents rushed him to a local hospital in Durant and then had to drive him all the way to Dallas for reconstructive surgery.

Carver said her son will have to have at least one more reconstructive surgery on his lip when he gets older.

The dog will be under quarantine for 10 days before being handed back to its owner.

Kingston police told KXII that no charges will be filed because the dog was chained at the time of the attack.


The dog owner didn't want to appear on camera, but insisted her pit bull is not vicious and that her heart goes out to the child he attacked.


First of all, there is no such thing as a six-month-old service dog. It takes a very long time to train guide dogs for the blind. Second, this dog is likely one of those fashionable "emotional therapy" pets that everyone is dragging around nowadays claiming they're service animals. 

All anyone has to do is go to a doctor and tell them they get stressed at work and their lizard/dog/pig/turkey/kangaroo makes them feel better and a doctor will write them a note saying they need it. Then they can claim it's a therapy dog or an emotional therapy pet and demand to take them everywhere. 

The ADA says therapy animals are NOT given the same protections as service animals. But, because ADA laws are so vague, business are terrified of the bad publicity or having the ADA sicced on them if they refuse, even if the animal is clearly not trained, is aggressive, is not housebroken, etc.

Or it might be that this owner is one of those ones who has a completely fake service dog. They went online and purchased a laminated ID tag and a coat for the animal to wear proclaiming it a service dog so they can drag it everywhere you and I aren't allowed to take our dogs - and most of us don't want dogs: the library, the grocery store, restaurants, the doctor's office, the shopping mall, movie theatres, etc.

(KXXI, KFOR - May 15, 2017)

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