Friday, May 26, 2017

Oklahoma: Veronica Lambert arrested for tying her pit bull to her smaller dog so it would kill it

OKLAHOMA --  A Stringtown woman is accused of tying her animals to each other and allowing a pit bull to kill the other dog.

The Atoka County Sheriff said this is the first case of its kind.

It all started last week when 31-year-old Veronica Lambert reported her boyfriend as an unwanted guest.

Deputies came and arrested the boyfriend, but on his way to the jail, the sheriff said he told deputies that Lambert tied her aggressive red nose pit bull to her smaller dog.

"At some point made mention that she had hoped that the pit bull dog would kill it, or didn't care if they'd kill it," Atoka County Sheriff Tony Head said.

Sheriff Tony Head said the boyfriend then told deputies he and Lambert went into town, and when they got back, the pit bull had indeed killed the other dog.

"The next day the deputies went to follow up on the allegations that were made, and actually found the other dog deceased in the yard," Head said.

They arrested Lambert for animal cruelty, something the sheriff and neighbor John Curry said was warranted.

"She knew that dog was gonna kill that other dog, so they need to put her away for awhile," Curry said.

"Which is where she needs to be if she feels the need to do this to another animal," Head said.

Lambert has five previous misdemeanor charges and a felony DUI charge.

The sheriff said the pit bull is still at the home in Stringtown because it wasn't the dog's fault, it was the owner's.


"We've had our own animal cruelty cases that we've looked at and investigated, but this is the first that we have worked that they've actually chained the dogs together to have an outcome like this," Sheriff Head said.

"If you're gonna have an animal, a dog or a cat, you need to love them, you don't need to mistreat them, and a lot of that goes on," Curry said.

If convicted, Lambert could face up to a $5,000 fine and five years in prison. She's already posted bond and is out of jail.


(KXII-TV - May 25, 2017)

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