Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Oregon: Elisha Leigh Gonzales, 29, accused of purposely abandoning more than 20 animals to die

OREGON -- A Bonanza woman has been arrested on numerous charges of animal neglect after allegedly abusing a number of pets during 2015.

Elisha Leigh Gonzales, 29, was arrested Tuesday on a outstanding warrant issued following the seizure of dogs, cats and reptiles from her property June 4, 2015.

Gonzales was not taken into custody during the seizure and court records said attempts by police to contact her prior to Tuesday were unsuccessful.

Gonzales is alleged to have left two dogs and 21 cats in poor living conditions, with authorities describing the residence as “enveloped in the smell of animal urine and feces, with garbage spewed on the floor.” 

She also allegedly possessed three red-eared slider turtles in violation of non-native wildlife laws.

Arrested the day of the seizure was Johnnie Lee Gonzales Sr., 55, who was named a co-defendant with Elisha Gonzales. However his case was dismissed March 21, 2016, “in the interest of justice,” said prosecutors.

Charges were dismissed without prejudice, allowing prosecutors the discretion to re-file in the future.

Elisha Gonzales pleaded not guilty Wednesday to three counts each of first-degree animal neglect and violation of wildlife law, and 22 counts of second-degree animal neglect. Attorney Joshua Guest was appointed to represent Elisha Gonzales and her next scheduled court date is May 30 before Judge Marci Adkisson.

She was released on her own recognizance with orders to have no contact with animals.

(Herald News - Apr 28, 2017)

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