Sunday, May 21, 2017

Tennessee: Police need help identifying a person of interest in case of skeletal, dying pit bull dumped at abandoned business

TENNESSEE -- Does this truck look familiar to you?

McKamey is seeking information pertaining to a person driving a dark colored full-size pick-up truck with after-market wheel rims.

The truck was seen entering the area with a dog house in the back of the truck where dog was found.

Commenters on the McKamey Animal Shelter FB page had said the truck appears to be a 1990s Chevy. Another person said it looked like a Chevy Silverado. Another person said they believed it was a custom 2-door with the front end lower than the back with nice rims and no tailgate. I disagree that it doesn't have a tailgate. 

In the first photo, the tailgate is closed and you can see the license plate. But after the person dragged the dog house and the poor dog out of the truck and left him to die, they didn't bother to put the tailgate back up. I'm assuming because they were in a hurry trying to abandon the dog and not be seen by a witness. The tailgate is down in the 2nd photo because you can't see the license plate. 

Also, I'm not sure but it looks like the rims have gold on them. But it could just be the photo images being off. 

The dog and dog house is in the back of the black
pickup truck when it is first filmed
Later, the truck is seen without the dog house

McKamey Animal Center is seeking information regarding the discovery of a seriously ill dog abandoned in the 1100 block of Hooker Road in Chattanooga May 11th.

The dog was found inside a plastic dog house at the entrance to an abandoned business (D & G Auto Salvage, 1194 Hooker Road) in Chattanooga on May 11th.

The dog, a male pit bull about four years old, was extremely emaciated, barely conscious and unable to stand. Unfortunately he did not survive.


He was wearing a unique red collar that was made of braided rope.

The $1500 reward is for information leading to the arrest and conviction of person or persons involved with the neglect and abandonment of this dog.

According to Executive Director Jamie McAloon, "We initially offered a $500 reward but donors have added to the reward bringing it to $1500.

"Animal cruelty is a criminal offense in Tennessee and we take these cases very seriously. Someone knows who owned this dog and we intend to locate them for questioning."

McAloon says that there is no reason for any animal in the City of Chattanooga to ever have to suffer or die in this manner as there are ample services in The City of Chattanooga to assist pet owners who need help.

If citizens have any information please call McKamey Animal Center at 423-305-6500 or the tip line at 423-305-6508 or e-mail

Many studies have shown that the journey to crime is typically very short - offenders generally commit crimes within 1 or 2 miles of their homes. My guess is that it's a male, based on the truck, and he's an employee in this industrial park. This person knows the area well and probably travels up and down this road often and knows that the business is closed. 

I would canvas all of these businesses in this industrial park and look for the truck. I would go to all the nearby cafes and restaurants that are close by and check them at lunchtime to see if the truck is at one of them. 

Since they have surveillance camera footage of the truck coming and going, they have a time nailed down. They need to check the nearby gas stations and convenience stores. He may have stopped for gas, cigarettes, a drink or simply gone inside to use the restroom. He may be on their surveillance video footage.


(NewsChannel9 - May 20, 2017)

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