Friday, May 26, 2017

Texas: Nine-month old Pit bull puppy nearly kills nine-year-old Pug, which it had been around many times before that 'pit bull instinct' took over

TEXAS -- Captain Yipee‏ @4westriver posted on Twitter

A 9 mo. Old pit bull puppy who has been @ our house many times, attacked and almost killed our 9 yr old Pug today. 😥prayers for Buddy

At just 9 months old, this Pit Bull puppy nearly killed this Pug

Ed @vette_ed  May 22
Replying to @4westriver
Hate pit bulls...I carry a large knife when I walk Miesha... in case of attack... enough said.. sorry.

Captain Yipee‏ @4westriver  May 22
It was horrible, if my older son wasn't home she would have killed him. I cannot get that image out of my head.

Ed @vette_ed  May 22
Don't let anyone tell you great they sweet they are...they were bred to fight and kill other dogs..seen them in action..

Joe Lazzara 🎤 🎸‏ @JoeLazz68  May 22More
Sorry to hear that. Just cant trust those dogs!! Hope Buddy will be ok.🙏

Captain Yipee‏ @4westriver  May 22
Thank you....

Captain Yipee‏ @4westriver  May 23
Buddy survived, thank you

Dr. Jean Mitchell‏ @drjean_neuro  May 22
Replying to @4westriver
Healing thoughts for Buddy.😔❤️🐶❤️

Captain Yipee‏ @4westriver  May 22More
Thank you



And of course anyone's comments about pit bulls mauling pets or biting children elicit responses from the apologists like Elle Robins who says 'prayers for Buddy' but then immediately begins discussing what her real goal is -- to insist that pit bulls are great, that she's had pit bulls without any issues. She tells us the story of a vicious Shih Tzu mauling children, how "it was Shepherds then Dobermans then Rottweilers" that were 'villiainized' like pit bulls are now. She includes the obligatory pit bull with baby photo to show that HER dog is different, that we should 'blame the deed and not the breed'. The only thing she didn't regurgitate is the whole 'nanny dog' myth. 

(Twitter - May 22, 2017)