Thursday, May 11, 2017

West Virginia: 121 Animals Seized in Puppy Mill Raids across Kanawha, Putnam County

WEST VIRGINIA -- Humane officials executed a search warrant at Missy's Four Paws, an alleged puppy mill, in Nitro, WV.

The Kanawha Charleston Humane Association and Nitro Police Department are investigating.

It's being reported that as many as 61 dogs and 2 monkeys are involved, and may be in need of medical care.


The Putnam County Animal Shelter is investigating Missy's Teays Valley location as well.

Arrest warrants have not been filed at this time against Melissa Rucker (aka Missy Rucker, Melissa Jo Rucker, Missy Jo Rucker).


Jon Davis, Director of the Putnam County Animal Shelter, said that in total, 58 dogs were seized from the Four Paws location in Teays Valley yesterday.

Regarding their living conditions, Davis said the dogs had mold growing on their food, feces in their water, and fecal matter in their matted hair. 

Veterinary crews are still assessing the health of the dogs. Several animals had medical conditions that were not being properly treated.

Davis describes the location as "a mill."

The Teays Valley animal seizure follows a search warrant executed yesterday where 61 dogs and 2 monkeys were found in uninhabitable living conditions at Missy's Four Paws in Nitro.

This brings the total number of animals seized in the cross-county search to roughly 121. Charges are expected to be filed after crews have completed assessing the animals.


( - May 10, 2017)

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