Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Wisconsin: Labrador being walked by its owner is attacked by a loose pit bull. Lab owner and a neighbor punched the pit bull, then beat it over the head with a stick. When that didn't work, they shot the pit bull.

WISCONSIN -- Manitowoc Police says a pit bull was shot and injured, while the dog was attacking a Labrador Retriever. Detective Andrew Trilling says it appears the attack was unprovoked.

Officials say the owner of the lab and a neighbor tried to break the two dogs apart, first by hand, and then by beating the pit bull over the head with a wooden stick.  When that didn't work, he says one of the people shot the pit bull.

Trilling says the person who shot the dog was legally carrying a gun and will not face any charges.


The city attorney is currently working with the owner of the pit bull to see what will happen to the pit bull, which was involved in a recent attack on another dog. The owner was cited for keeping an attacking and biting dog.

The headline of the article is "Manitowoc Police Want A Pit bull Removed From The City". This is what's called NIMBY and it's short for "Not in my backyard". 

It's the irresponsible actions by jurisdictions to banish aggressive, viciouus dogs from their community by dumping them onto another unsuspecting community. When they allow the owner to send the dog off to live in another city, county or state, the owner is under NO obligation to inform anyone of what the dog did to end up there. 

Neighbors living next door to this vicious dog have no clue that the dog did something very heinous and that's why it's now living next to them. It's passing the buck, really, and completely irresponsible. 

These jurisdictions need to do what they can to prevent the owner from getting the dog back and euthanizing it. Why send it off so someone else can be attacked, someone else's beloved pet can be mauled to death?? 

(WHBL - May 9, 2017)