Friday, June 2, 2017

Arkansas: The city of Osceola has had a pit bull ban for more than 10 years. However, they say now they're actually going to enforce it.

ARKANSAS --  Osceola will begin aggressively enforcing an ordinance passed to ban pit bulls from the city limits.

The town passed an ordinance banning the breed in 2006.

The Osceola Animal Shelter posted to Facebook that due to numerous complaints, the city will work harder to enforce that ban.

That enforcement will begin July 1.

Current pit bull owners are being told they have until July 1 to re-home their dogs.

Punishment for having a pit bull inside the city limits is a $500 fine for each violation.

The only people allowed to keep their pit bulls are those who got their dogs before or during the 60 days following the original passage of the ordinance on June 19, 2006.

The breeds listed under the ordinance include American pit bulls, Staffordshire pit bull terriers, and American bulldogs.

Rickey Freeman lives in Osceola and said he is a fan of the ordinance.

“So many dogs around here, running loose, and you know you have to worry about the kids,” he said.

Freeman said he has heard of incidents in town where children have been bitten.

“Well, there's been a few of them incidents in the last for five years,” he said.

(Fox13Memphis - June 1, 2017)