Saturday, June 10, 2017

Canada: Saskatoon man hospitalized after dog attack

CANADA -- A witness to a dog attack that sent a man to hospital says the dog seemed friendly just moments before everything changed.

Saskatoon Police at the scene said the man was taken to hospital with undetermined injuries. The location of the attack was covered in large blood droplets and the hood of a car was smeared in blood.

The attack happened on Friday afternoon in the 200 block of Silverwood Road.
Animal control, with the help of the Saskatoon Police Service, were able to round up the dog and take it away.


Fifteen-year-old RJ Poelzer says he was petting the same dog just moments before the man was attacked, but says he doesn't think the victim did anything to provoke it.

"In a split second it just decided to attack him" said the shaken teen, "it jumped up on him, it grabbed his arm, clawing, biting, barking very aggressively."

Poelzer says the victim jumped onto his car in an attempt to get away from the dog.

Witnesses say the dog had no collar or tags and police say they don't yet know who the dogs owner is.

Neighbors said the victim is in his late forties or early fifties and lived in the neighborhood.

(CTV News - June 9, 2017)