Friday, June 9, 2017

Colorado: Bear cub looking for a snack gets stuck in car in Woodland Park

COLORADO -- All he wanted was a midnight snack.

Police suspect a baby bear was enticed by the smell of food before the animal ended up in the back seat of someone’s car in Woodland Park late Friday night.

The Woodland Park Police Department posted a photo of the furry intruder, sitting next to what appear to be a few canned goods, on the agency’s Facebook page on Saturday morning.

"It is summer time in Woodland Park!" the department said in the post. "Please be aware of what's in your car, this little guy got stuck in a car last night."

A woman called authorities after she heard strange noises coming from her car, according to a dispatcher at the department. An officer who responded to the call opened the door and ushered the cub out of the car and back into the wild.

Police believe the cub’s mother somehow opened the vehicle door, the dispatcher said.

When officers arrived, they could hear an animal rustling in bushes nearby, but didn’t see the mama bear, the dispatcher said. They checked back several hours later and saw no signs of either animal.

(The Gazette - June 3, 2017)