Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Florida: Sebastian Redmon, 45, accused of shooting, killing neighbor's vicious German Shepherd

FLORIDA -- A man was arrested Sunday night after shooting and killing his neighbor’s dog for barking, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said.

This whole article is poorly written. In the first paragraph they make it sound like he shot the dog because it was barking and the noise bothered him. They don't say the dog was loose, yet again, and trying to attack him and "barking". They don't say the dog was actually inside its chain-link fence and barking at him and he shot it. 

Now if he had purposely gone over and the dog was inside its fenced yard barking at him and he shot it, then yes, he deserved to be charged. However, iIf the dog was out on the street - again - coming at him and he shot it out of self-defense, he should never have been charged with animal cruelty. 

Note: No matter the circumstances, it appears that he is a convicted felon and was not supposed to be in possession of a handgun. They may end up dropping the animal cruelty charge if they realize he was justified in protecting himself, but he's still in a lot of trouble for having the gun.

Sebastian Redmon, 45, is charged with animal cruelty.

According to police, Redmon told his neighbor while she was walking her German shepherd on West 16th Street that he didn’t like the 2-year-old dog, and said he would shoot it if it kept barking at him.

Korsha Washington told police that on Sunday night, she was watching television when she heard her dog, Brocious Washington, barking. She said she looked out of the window and saw Redmon shoot Brocious twice then run off.

“It’s just evil for somebody to even do that to him. He's a puppy,” Washington said.


Brocious was fatally shot in the leg and the back, police said.

In the video clip, it says he "eventually died". What does that mean? Did she take it to the vet?


Redmon told a neighbor that Brocious bit him a couple of weeks ago, but Washington insisted her dog "only scratched him".

"My dog did not bite him. My dog jumped up on him and scratched him and tore his pants. I asked him to let me see the bite and he just rode off,” Washington said.


The officer doesn't appear to have actually been bitten by the dogs. Does that 
make it any less terrifying? Would you be happy if the owner of a dog that did 
this to you acted like it was no big deal? And still let the dog roam loose??

News4Jax asked other residents in the Allendale neighborhood about how they felt about Brocious. Neighbors said Brocious should have been guarded with a bigger, higher fence.

“I have five kids and they walk up and down the street and they have to turn around and go the long way to the store because they're scared that the dog will jump the gate, and they always leave that gate open. The gate stays open,” one neighbor said.


“(The fence) wasn't tall enough,” another neighbor said. “The side of the fence, on the side of the house, wasn't tall enough at the end where it looked like he was about to jump the fence.”

Washington described her dog as a puppy that acted like any other dog and said her puppy didn't deserve this.

“That's just a real evil. He wasn't nothing but a puppy. He wasn't vicious. He wasn't biting nobody. He wasn't doing any of that,” Washington said. “He's going to bark and he's going to do what a dog do.”

A two-year old, likely unneutered, dog is not a puppy.

Redmon was booked into the Duval County Jail and ordered held on $150,000 bond.


(News4Jax - June 1, 2017)

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