Friday, June 16, 2017

Georgia: Little Chihuahua mauled to death by Pit Bull. Animal Control wrote the owner a ticket, but didn't take the Pit Bull.

GEORGIA -- Jamie Iori Conklin posted on Facebook June 8 near Milner, GA ·

Sorry but I have to vent.

I do not understand what people have pit bulls period they are useless dogs period when my dog Cinnamon got attacked by a pit bull she was never the same and died not long after.

Now a very good friend of mine lost her baby to her neighbor's Pit bull. The police officers wrote the owners a ticket but nobody took the dog away.

If that had happened to my dog I would have gone over and killed that other dog with my bare hands I hate pit bulls and no one will ever be able to change my mind on that.

Rocco Kotes - My dog lucy was mauled to death just last week by a pit bull right in front of me and my kids. Police came and didn't even issue a ticket. I'm more mad at the owner for letting her dog off the leash.if you have a dog that could possibly be a danger keep it on the leash.

Jamie Iori Conklin - I am so sorry to hear this. Id kill the dog and beat the owners butt too