Tuesday, June 20, 2017

(May 2017) California: Even after being shot, Pit Bull continues attack on woman's German Shepherd, which is screaming in pain

CALIFORNIA -- Cell phone video taken by a neighbor captured the gruesome attack of two pit bulls on a German Shepherd in the backyard of the shepherd's home last week.

"They were in my backyard", says Rene Guenthart who raced home from work to try and save her dog Bella from the two attacking pit bulls.

"I got the gun out and went in the backyard and took two shots, I knew I didn't have much time with the way they had her down."

The gunshots freed Bella from the jaws of the attacking pit bulls, one of which did not survive the shooting.

OK so what about the 2nd Pit Bull? What happened with it? Did they simply hand it back to its owner??

Bella is slowly recovering from the unexpected pit bull attack as are her owners.

"She's been with me when I was going through cancer treatment and she's my little baby girl", Guenthart says, "I always see things about pit bulls and, um, just to be really cautious with them because I think they're a little unpredictable."

News of the pit bull attack and deadly shooting is a shock to those who own pit bulls or pit bull mixes like Braxton who we found running around at the Woof Park in Waller Park.

"I know that pits have a bad name, and they've got a bad rep", says Saul Yebra who owns Braxton, "I believe, in my opinion, that its due to the owner, they are not treating them right, they're not giving them structure."

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department says a deputy was forced to shoot and kill a pit bull while trying to arrest a man in Orcutt on Sunday afternoon on mental health and illegal drug charges as well as outstanding arrest warrants.



(KEYT - May 18, 2017)

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