Monday, June 12, 2017

Missouri: Girl, 11, writes letter to the editor claiming it unfair that they told readers it was a Pit Bull that attacked a Sheriff's Deputy. She says we should never know the breed of dog. Um, yeah...

MISSOURI -- Ryleigh Johnson is 11 years old and, because of that, should be forgiven for her naivete.

Ryleigh doesn't think it's fair that the newspaper told readers that it was a Pit Bull that attacked a Sheriff's deputy. She wants the newspaper to censor the information. Newspapers aren't generally into censorship though... the whole "freedom of the press" and all that.

And she wants the newspaper to report on the next Chihuahua bite. OK, how about this... I'll write the article.

"Local girl, 4, bitten by her grandmother's Chihuahua"
JEFFERSON COUNTY - Judy Smith, 4, was visiting her grandmother, Mae Smith, in the 7000 block of Elm Road when her grandmother's four-pound applehead Chihuahua bit Judy on the finger.

Mrs. Smith was not aware that the Chihuahua named Sparkles had bitten Judy as Judy did not yell or cry after being bitten. In fact, it wasn't until Mrs. Smith was serving lunch and asked Judy to wash her hands did Judy mention her "owie".

Judy told her her finger didn't hurt, but that it had hurt "a little" when Sparkles bit her finger. She washed Judy's finger, put some Neosporin on it and sat Judy down to eat her lunch. Sparkles the Chihuahua is current on his rabies vaccination so, after consulting with the local health department, Mrs. Smith is conducting a "home observation" for 10 days with the dog.
Yes all dogs can (and do) bite but you have to look at the damage caused - not simply the bite. Pit Bulls kill more people than any other type of dog combined.

Asking the press to censor information provided to its readers - because you personally don't like the information being provided - is not the answer.