Sunday, June 4, 2017

Montana: Two dozen horses seized from Tricia Ingram and her rescue called Rockin M.T. Horse Rescue

MONTANA -- Two dozen horses were seized by authorities from a Carbon County property following reports of animal cruelty, according to the Carbon County Sheriff’s Office in a press release on Friday.

The 24 horses were seized from the property located south of Belfry on Thursday.


The owner of the horses was not identified and it’s unclear if any charges have been filed.

See below. She self-identified herself: Tricia Ingram who runs a horse rescue called Rockin M.T. Horse Rescue

The animals are now in the care of the sheriff’s office, which will be working with the Beartooth Humane Alliance to care for the horses.

The Department of Livestock Inspectors, a BLM Ranger and the Montana Highway Patrol assisted in the execution of the search warrant.

Anyone interested in making monetary donations or donating grass hay to aid in this horse rescue is asked to contact BHA at (406) 446-3500 or email

Although the article didn't say who the owner of the horses was, Tricia Ingram who runs a horse rescue called Rockin M.T. Horse Rescue went to the rescue's Facebook page and started complaining. 

The rescue caring for Ingram's seized horses issued a statement saying they had nothing to do with the animals being seized, that they are not law enforcement, that they are merely a holding facility for the seized animals. 

(KTVQ - June 2, 2017)