Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New York: Woman's little dog attacked by Pit Bull. It takes seven people to drag the Pit Bull off.

NEW YORK -- Paula Costanzo Artopiades posted on Facebook June 16, 2017

Attacked by a vicious pit bull today. They say he's lucky he lived.

It took SEVEN neighbors to get him off. And one guy God bless him drove by with a gun but I was screaming No please don't shoot him. He wants to kill my dog. This pit bull. We tried beating this dog with everything we had. Of course I was in a camisole and nothing else. Typical. Me outside like Hannah. The Heffeh .No bra no panties slamming a pit bull with a cane.

I want to thank everyone for the generous support. The first night didn't shock me. Cost meant nothing. But the amount of care and drains he will need fro surgery to reattach his skin to his tissue is extensive. We couldn't see that. The skin is ripped clean off his body. He I in tremendous pain. I don't want this vicious pit bull on the streets, he ha been increasingly agitated since the addition of the infant plus the 5 y old and lol the cats. There's needs to be funds set up for attacked animals net to death. The aspca til me to take him to s shelter.

You're continued support for poochies care is s great comfort and huge relief. My daughter & Ia re so grateful. The generosity will afford him to complete the surgery and get Meds and hopefully his back split paw they will help him GEt him to compensate. Thank you all my dearest friends

GoFundMe: Medical Fund For Poochie
Created June 17, 2017
Paula Costanzo Artopiades

Yesterday our beloved dog, Poochie, ran outside as I opened the door for only a second. My neighbor was walking multiple dogs at the time, both of them were unleashed and one of them was a pit bull. This neighbor is constantly walking his dogs unleashed along with a five year old child.

Anyone who knows my Poochie knows he is the sweetest, most sociable, loving little boy. He has multiple bite wounds through out his body, which are requiring surgeries that are costing up to thousands of dollars. The vets are extremely concerned and pretty much certain that if he does not get the surgeries he will go into sepsis and die.

The owners of the pit bull are refusing to take responsibility and pay for what their dog did. It took 7 different people and about 20 minutes to finally get this dog to let my dog go, and I spared the pit bull's life because one of the people trying to save Poochie had a gun and was going to shoot the pit bull. I don't believe in guns so I screamed please please please don't shoot the dog. There was a child standing there with the owner and I did not want her to be traumatized.

My Poochie did not deserve this, he was dragged several feet, shaken like a ragdoll and neither did my family. I used some of my care credit and the very last dime I had to pay for him to stay over night. I am absolutely tapped out of money. We are also in the middle of moving, and I promise that when everything is settled I will pay each and every one of you back. We are in the process of trying to move and now our dog is dying.  He is going to need multiple surgeries and rehabilitation so he can walk again because his left paw his completely bitten through. They are putting drains in to try to keep the fever down so he does not go into sepsis. My daughter, my husband, and I have been in a complete state of distress since this happened. Any little bit would  be very appreciated by our entire family. My original goal was only $4,000, but, I did not realize how expensive this would all be. At this point in my life I am not working and disabled from illness, this dog is everything to me and my family, he is the glue that keeps the family together.

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