Friday, June 9, 2017

United Kingdom: Disgusting couple, Michael Smith and Gwen Kerr, sexually abused his Bull Mastiff. For the crime of bestiality, they're sent on their way with no jail time and told "not to do it again"

UNITED KINGDOM -- A vile boyfriend who filmed his girlfriend having sex with sexually abusing his dog has avoided jail.

Michael Smith, from Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, filmed the sex act between Gwen Kerr, 55 and his bull mastiff.

On May 27 last year the 64-year-old took the video to social services and reported concern for Kerr's welfare but found himself in court.

Smith denied aiding and abetting, counselling or procuring intercourse with an animal and a second charge of possessing extreme pornographic images, but was found guilty by a jury. Kerr admitted having sex with sexually abusing an animal.

Mark McKone, prosecuting, said: 'This defendant (Kerr) effectively had sexually abused sexual intercourse with a dog.

'Mr Smith took a video film of that dog. In respect of extreme pornographic images this offence carries a maximum of two years in prison.'

Mr McKone added that Smith, had 10 previous convictions for 40 offences, although none of a similar nature.

During his trial Smith claimed he filmed the act because he thought Kerr was on drugs and claimed he had only wanted to prove her strange behavior. He claimed he was not acting for any sexual gratification when he pressed record on his camcorder.

The jury, who was forced to watch two four-minute videos of the disgusting activity during the trial, rejected his account.

Sentencing the pair, James Spencer QC said: 'I'm quite satisfied that you, Michael Smith, used and abused your girlfriend Gwen Kerr to be involved in the activity.



'I am sentencing you to a 12 months custodial sentence, suspended for 12 months.

'Gwen Kerr, I am conditionally discharging you for 12 months. Don't do it again.'

She is just as guilty. Stop making her out to be the victim. The dog is the victim. Did they even bother to seize the dog or do they still have it so they can continue to sexually abuse it?

(Daily Mail - June 8, 2017)