Sunday, July 30, 2017

Alabama: Jodi Scott, 23, and her boyfriend Devin Hulsey, 23, abandoned their pets to die, say police

ALABAMA -- Two local people are facing animal cruelty charges after their pets were found bound with no access to food or water earlier this month.

It’s suspected the canines and pig had spent at least 10 days in these conditions.


The home on Rocky Branch Road where the animals were abandoned was last known to be occupied by 23-year-old Devin Kaine Hulsey and his girlfriend 23-year-old Jodi Melissa Scott.

Tuscaloosa County Deputy Martha Hocutt is assigned to animal cruelty cases in the county. She says it’s a wonder these animals survived these deplorable conditions.


“There was no way for them to escape,” she told WVUA 23. “With the heat index being over 100 degrees on any given day, if you don’t give animals water or food, it can kill them,” Hocutt said.

Today, the three dogs are recovering at the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter where they will eventually be up for adoption. And their brother the pot belly pig, he is recovering in a foster home.


"Leave them to die. Leave them starving. I'll never understand it," said the neighbor who alerted authorities.

On Wednesday July 28th, Hulsey and Scott made TSCO's most wanted list. Scott turned herself in on Thursday, July 27th, and Hulsey turned himself him on Friday, July 28th.

"I thought a lot of them before this happened. And would've never expected them to do something of this level," said the neighbor.

Despite Devin Hulsey being issued a bond of $14,500 and Jodi Scott getting about a $12,000 bond, they were somehow able to come up with the required amount (probably 10% = ~$2,400) and the couple bonded out of the Tuscaloosa County Jail shortly after booking.



(WVUA23 - July 26, 2017)

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