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Alabama: Leon Green and Latoya Green left their starving horses to die. Before going on TV and crying for the cameras, Latoyah allegedly spent her free time online calling people 'crackers' and threatening them.

ALABAMA -- A couple from Gadsden is charged with animal cruelty after two horses were found starving in Cherokee County.

Leon Green, 59, and Latoya Diane Green (also spelled Latoyah Green), 33, are charged following an investigation by ALEA's Agricultural Unit and Cherokee County's Sheriff's Office and Animal Control Unit.

They are believed to be the owners of the horses and of the property on which they were found near the Cherokee-Etowah County line.


The horses were found in a pasture just off County Road 32 in Cherokee County, near the Etowah County line.

The plight of horses went public Wednesday, as photos of the horses were posted, along with frustrations of people who wanted to help.

The horses, a mare named Delores and a pony, were in a pasture on Cherokee County Road 32, tied to either a tree or fence. Pictures posted on Facebook showed the emaciated-looking horses, with ribs visible.

When Joell McBurnett of Cedar Bluff saw it Wednesday morning, she was heartbroken.

“I got up, went to the store and bought a bag of feed and went looking for them,” she said.

She was able to find the horses and was even more upset. Due to fierce rains over recent days, the mare had lain in mud and water unable to get up.

“I couldn’t even tell you what color that horse was. All her hair was gone,” McBurnett said.

She called authorities as she headed out and was told the situation had been taken care of, but she decided to continue looking for the horses.

The mare was down — McBurnett was told she’d been down for three days, unable to get up — with lacerations from being tangled in barbed wire.

When McBurnett was there, a number of people came to the scene, seeking to help the horses.

“It wasn’t just me,” she said.


A farmer brought out a tractor to try to lift the horse to try to get her on her feet, but she just couldn’t stand.

She said she was told various authorities — sheriff’s office representatives and the animal control officer — were aware of the situation and were meeting to determine what could be done.

Meeting to discuss what? What to do? The horse has been lying there dying FOR THREE DAYS. What is there to discuss? You get out there and take the animals!

McBurnett said she was told the authorities couldn’t do anything because it was on private property. She said it seemed there was more concern from law enforcement with telling people to get off the property than to come out and rescue the horses.

One of those animal volunteers, Joell McBurnett, says she even had food and water in her car to give to the horses herself.

McBurnett says a neighbor provided names and numbers for the horse owners, and she called them and offered to buy the horses.

She says they arrived at the property emotional, saying they had tried to get help for the horses themselves.

Oh really? What did they do for the THREE DAYS this horse was suffering and dying? Anything? Nothing? My guess is NOTHING and now they're trying to act like, "Oh I didn't know what to do so I just sat at home watching TV".

"When you look at the pictures and see the videos, you have anger and you have hatred for these owners. But don't!" an emotional McBurnett said.

McBurnett had posted pictures of the emaciated horses on Facebook along with videos, generating outrage among those who saw and shared them. But after meeting the couple, McBurnett had a change of heart.

"They just wanted us to save their animals. They didn't know what to do. They showed up with a bottle of Gatorade and tomato juice because they didn't know how, or what to do. They just didn't know," she said.

And I suppose they didn't know what a phone was. And that this device, called a telephone, enables people to call other people... such as animal control, or a vet, or a rescue for help. Stop babying these morons.

“She was very upset,” McBurnett said. “When I told her (someone) wanted to buy the horses, she broke down crying.

“She said she didn’t want any money,” McBurnett said, but those trying to help insisted that some money change hands so they could have a legitimate bill of sale to show to a treating vet.

An exchange of money could have been ONE DOLLAR. I guarantee you that Latoyah didn't sell the horses she claimed to care soooo much about for ONE DOLLAR.

One of the horses, Delores, had to be put down, but a second, a miniature Appaloosa named Baby D, is in a vet's care.

McBurnett says she wants state lawmakers to pass new legislation putting livestock until animal cruelty statutes, and making it easier for abused or neglected animals to be rescued from private property. She wants to call it "Delores' Law," after the horse that was put down Wednesday.

The Greens were booked into the Cherokee County Jail where they will be held pending a bond hearing.

Full Name: Leon Green Jr
Date: 07/07/2017
Time: 5:13 PM
Arrest Age: 59
Gender: Male
Race: Black
Arrest Location: Cherokee County, Alabama

Full Name: Latoya Diane Green
Date: 07/07/2017
Time: 4:39 PM
Personal Information
Arrest Age: 33
Gender: Female
Race: Black
Arrest Location:Cherokee County, Alabama


Launa Shay Lancaster - Evidently there is guilt on her behalf the tears show that. Prayers for them and the horse.

Jaime Leigh - She wasn't crying yesterday commenting on the FB post, calling everyone "crackers." Which doesn't offend me , but damn . What does she expect ? This is serious neglect .

Launa Shay Lancaster - Jaime Leigh the horses suffered. Maybe God can help her

Christi Okerson Brown - Jaime Leigh, you are kidding, right? The fact that she had the audacity to say ANYthing is appalling.

Jaime Leigh - No , I wished I was .

Michele Bowers - Yeah she was threatening people yesterday saying she would take care of people

Tim Pentecost - She was cussing everyone on fb out yesterday. Today she and her old man are in jail. karma

Lisa Orr Simmons - Prayers for the horses. They obviously suffered tremendously at the hands of these horrid people. And she is only crying because they got arrested.

Christi Okerson Brown - She is gonna take care of people? She can't even take care of her animals. Classy!

Mallory Grace - Prayers for them? No I pray they get there ass locked up for a while and not have any more animals to mistreat!! Screw her tears...

Jaime Leigh - Yep , she thought it was quiet hilarious yesterday . Smh . It's clearly breaking the law , and she knew that . People just play ignorant when it's convenient for them .


(WBRC - July 8, 2017)

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