Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Alabama: Young girl's dog attacked by a Pit Bull

ALABAMA -- This is my dog Thor.

He got attacked by a pit bull about 3 weeks ago. I love him more than most other dogs. We play together we love each other he's just a big baby that loves me. But I cried a lot when he got attacked but he's doing good it will take time for him to heal but no body but me knows how much I love him he is a really good dog sometimes will get on your nerves but other than that is a good dog!

We have his dad kimbo and his best dog friend is my other Lil puppy turbo. But this is my bestest friend. I love him much and just wanted to say my dog Thor is mine and will never ever and I will repeat NEVER leave my side we will go threw every thing together! I love my fur babies.