Thursday, July 13, 2017

California: Cat named Speedy mauled by Pit Bull which pulled him through his fenced yard

CALIFORNIA -- today speedy, a 6 month old rescue cat, was in her yard in the Watts neighborhood in los angeles with her owner Bianca. the cat was near a fence when the neighbor's pit bull grabbed him through the gate- something they had taken every precaution to prevent.

Speedy suffered a punctured lung and fractured leg.

the family cannot afford to save their beloved cat but if we work together in the next 15 hours to raise the money we can save Speedy. please please help!!!

Update 1
Speedy is now in the care of an animal hospital that is donating part of their services, lowering the cost of care to $800! Because of all who donated, the Arias family were not forced to put their cat to sleep and were able to access quality vet care. they will also be shoring up the fence where the pit bull pushed in and harness training the cat.

Don't bother harness training your cat. GET A GUN.

my heart is so touched by your generosity. i created this campaign while sitting with a suffering animal and with a family suffering knowing that the cat could be saved if they only had the funds. many of us have known the pain of that horrible decision. thank you all for expressing the generosity and strength of your character by giving what you could afford. every time a community forms to help a less fortunate individual our world is improved. little by little we make a stronger and more loving community.

a very wealthy acquaintance who i sent this campaign to replied he would not help this cat and this family since he didn't know them. why should he care? wow. i was floored but it was a reminder that many people have been sheltered by wealth from needing or participating in community. he literally could not fathom why people were helping. he wrote out a long and deeply convenient personal philosophy why he didnt have to help. i read it while i watched my friends living on the economic edge contribute 10$ and 15$ and others who were no longer on that edge contribute more. this one person helped clarify so clearly what we as a society are up against. and so, in a way, i am grateful because his comments shine a light on the level of compassion and core strength of being those who give freely ultimately achieve.

Update 2
Speedy made it through surgery!!!!!
he will be recovering at the hospital for a few days but they report he is doing well!!! thank you all!

GoFundMe: cat attacked by pitbull -help!
Created July 11, 2017
Anne Hars