Sunday, July 30, 2017

California: Zixuan Liu brutally beat, stomped and kicked his young dog; gets no jail time

CALIFORNIA -- A man who was caught on camera shockingly abusing his puppy will not serve any jail time.

Zixuan Liu pleaded no contest in a San Francisco court last week to criminal animal abuse against his 10-month-old Shiba Inu, Aniki.

The 26-year-old was filmed by an elevator security camera dragging his pooch along the ground outside the lift, before pulling Aniki back towards him and kicking him in the head.

Once inside the elevator, Liu waited for the door to close and then stomped on the 10-month-old pup’s head three times.


He then picked Aniki up by his snout and carried him to the elevator door, before dropping him to the floor as the door opened.

The 26-year-old then delivered another hard kick to Aniki to get him out of the elevator, with the boot sending the poor dog flying out into the hallway. 


Liu was arrested on May 13, according to San Francisco Animal Care and Control.

The group said in a statement that part of the 26-year-old's plea included provisions meaning he will not be allowed to have a pet in future, and he must complete community service work, attend counseling sessions, and cover the costs of Aniki's care at its shelter.

He will also serve three years probation.

Vet staff at the shelter treated the pup for cuts and bruises, while also having it play with other animals as a way to improve his mental state.

San Francisco Animal Care and Control said it is pleased with the punishment handed down to Liu.

You must have low expectations if you're happy with him getting probation. This wasn't neglectful cruelty, as in his dog was riddled with parasites which made him lose weight. This was overt animal cruelty - a deviant, psychotic drive to torture and abuse a helpless creature. 

'We're pleased with the outcome of this case,' executive director Virginia Donohue said, ABC7 reports.

'Animal cruelty is horrible. Animal Care and Control strives to help the animals who are victimized and hold abusers accountable for their actions.'

District Attorney George Gascón added it was important to punish Liu - and any others who abuse animals - because it is a 'reflection' on the city.

'Anytime we can prove that animal abuse has occurred, we will hold offenders responsible in a court of law,' he said, according to ABC7.

Aniki has been sent off to an animal shelter in Nevada, which will handle the 10-month-old's adoption process.

Interestingly, no mugshot ever released. This likely means he had an attorney who was able to prevent its release. Which means he and his family have money.


(Daily Mail - July 26, 2017)

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