Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Connecticut: Elderly man attacked by dog in West Hartford is recovering

CONNECTICUT --  A 79-year-old man was attacked by a dog earlier this week in West Hartford, and now the owner may soon be facing charges.

The victim's family is calling this an unprovoked attack. One moment, they were catching up in the driveway, and then the next, they saw an angry dog running from across the street.

“The dog was heavy, big,” said Carmen Chesanek, the victim’s wife.


She said the boxer mix that attacked her husband William on Monday had latched on and wouldn’t let go.

Hmm, what kind of dog "latches on and won't let go"???

The brutal attack happened on Iroquois Road in West Hartford.

Chesanek, from Bloomfield, was visiting and talking with his family in West Hartford.

Police say Katherine Stevenson was also visiting with family across the street.

For reasons still unknown, Stevenson’s dog got loose. Eyewitnesses said it escaped from the garage and found the man.

“I saw blood all over,” Chesanek said.

The victim has wounds to his ribs, hands, bicep and he has a fractured pelvis.

Carmen, his wife of 24 years, has visited him at St. Francis Hospital every day, including Tuesday which was his birthday. She brought him a card from his son.

Right now, Carmen said the only thing that would make her smile is knowing her husband will be okay.

“I was crying, crying. I can't sleep. I don't eat. I'm just thinking what happened,” Chesanek said.

The latest is that William will survive, but his family says it's going to be a long road ahead to recovery.

Meanwhile, Stevenson’s dog was euthanized and it's being tested for rabies. Stevenson could be facing some charges as it was discovered that this dog has previously attacked two other people and she had been ordered to keep the dog confined and muzzled when out.

Update: She has been arrested and charged.


(WFSB - July 19, 2017)