Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Connecticut: Pit Bull tried to attack woman's mother then changed its mind and attacked and killed her beloved cat instead

CONNECTICUT -- Charity Marquis-waas posted on Facebook July 6, 2017 at 5:08pm · New Britain, CT ·

Today my cat was killed by a pit bull this dam ass motherfucker let his dog off the leash right in front of my house it went for my mom's leg then he saw my cat and went after her

she was the best cat she act like she was human he used her as a chew toy I was with her on her last breath the cop gave him a ticket and the dog will be put down thank God but I really think this asshole guy should of went to jail it's his fault that my cat is died I hope he rots to death

Beverly Casella Tinder - Kill that pit bull

Charity Marquis-waas - It's already died cops took it

Randy Masonis - damn that sucks. I'm sorry

Charity Marquis-waas - Thanks

I went to go get cigarettes and guess what the guys dog that murdered my cat is sitting in his driveway I wish I could put him to sleep my cat suffered and his dog gets it the easy way a needle in his arm it's not fair I wish both where died and I don't wish many that but this one deserves it I miss my baby girl the house is not the same and if any of the 3 , people that said the dog was theirs I have something coming for you but remember it will be done the leagal way this will never be over till someone pays for what they did to my baby I promise that