Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Florida: Ramon Gonzalez, 53, arrested and charged with felony animal cruelty after starving his livestock animals

FLORIDA -- A 53-year-old Sarasota man faces criminal charges after deputies received a tip about two cows “that appeared to be starving.”

An investigation into the complaint led to the discovery of four cows, two horses, a miniature horse and a donkey that were all underweight, according to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office.

The investigation into the condition of Ramon Gonzalez’s livestock began in June after a deputy went to the man’s property in the 300 block of Sinclair Drive to look into the complaint.

The deputy noted the animals appeared to be “severely underweight,” an arrest report said.

Two round bales of hay were observed on the property, but the deputy noted the animals weren’t eating it.

“The hay appeared to be old and looked moldy and of poor quality,” the arrest report said.

A veterinarian was called out to the scene and told the deputy, “This is nothing but lack of groceries, they just need food,” the report said.

When questioned, authorities say Gonzalez claimed he had been suffering from financial difficulties and was living at the location temporarily until he could find more suitable property to house his animals.

Based on the “observations and investigation,” however, Gonzalez was charged with felony animal cruelty and misdemeanor counts of failure to act and failure to provide sustenance, the arrest report said.

Gonzalez was arrested on July 6 and was later released on $2,000 bond.

The sheriff’s office said Gonzalez’s animals were confiscated on June 17 and have since been transferred out for rehabilitation.

Name: Ramon Gonzalez
Address: 340 Sinclair Drive, Sarasota, FL
Birthdate: 08/25/1963


Heather Lynn Buck - You want to know what makes me sick, reading all of these hurtful comments. Little do you guys know this man right here cares deeply for his animals. He NEVER starved his animals like they claim that he did. They were all taken care of. The horse that is shown was sick prior to him getting the horse, I like how they didn't put that in there. Also don't you realize that the goats that are in picture weren't taken but they added them to the picture yeah because they don't have a reason to take them. If he was such a scumbag why would they leave them there?! Also left was a cat, a turkey, chickens and pigs. You want to know why they took those animals because they can "rehome" and make money off of them. Connect the dots here people. The only reason the police came in the first place was because of a noise complaint from the neighbors regarding the chickens that where on the property. Yes some of the animals where slightly under weight but by no means were they ever starved. He is not a bad guy like you all are making him out to be. And just so you all know he has a young child who love those animals dearly and has been heartbroken for days since they took them. You do not know the whole situation you just read an article and instantly believe. He is a father whose children see what nasty things you are writing. He is a human being who does not deserve to have his name slandered like this. Oh and not to mention when they were gathering all of the animals they couldn't even round them up, he had to put them into the trailer because they were spooked. Those animals love him just as much as he loved them.

Lisa Peluso - Why would any animal be underweight if feed properly???

Heather Lynn Buck - Lisa Peluso, clearly you did not read what I wrote they were sick especially the horse and by the way the horse was the only one that they were mainly concerned about.

Heather Lynn Buck - There was vegetation on the property that's a bunch of lies. Maybe this can shed some light. All the animals were underway and yes because he has a big heart he did get them and trie to get them back up to wait it was very difficult they bounce back-and-forth. And yes a vet was called too by the way another thing that wasn't mentioned.

Heather Lynn Buck - Wendy Ottati-Watson, i'm so sorry to even hear about that. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. it's such a shame that they do this to good people but don't go after the bad ones who are actually hurting, starving and depriving their animals. Completely bogus

Note: Wendy Ottati-Watson and her husband Benjamin Watson were just charged with animal cruelty, also accused of starving their horses. Wendy must have deleted her comment b/c it's not appearing.

Amanda Gonzalez Salazar - The comments made are more despicable against a human being than what they are charging Ramon with. You all know nothing about him. He is a hard working man who is in remission of stage four Cancer. These animals bring him and his daughter joy. He had been consulting a Vet who recommended meds that were given. This man was renting a 5 acre farm from a lady in foreclosure. When the renter lost her farm, He and his family, four legged ones included, had to take refuge at a friends place until he could get on his feet to get a place for all. Yes, it's true they only took the animals with the most value (pedigree ponies) and left him with his goats, chickens and pigs. He has a trailer stocked with hay and food. They were not left without food. Get your story straight before commenting your sick and demented thoughts.

Heather Lynn Buck - Lisa Peluso, it's just another way for them to make money ๐Ÿ˜‚

Lisa Peluso Heather - Lynn Buck how are they making money?

Heather Lynn Buck - Lisa Peluso, rehoming fee basically a fancy word for selling the animals. Also it makes a good story and people need to reach quotas. There is a multitude of different reasons. They go after families that have animals on property they won't go after the big dairy farms or farms thar carry other livestock as they know that they're well-equipped with money to get a nice fancy lawyer to prove otherwise they're not stupid

Amanda Fillmore Martin - That horse and those cows were not slightly underweight. They are starving. The county doesn't make a profit rehoming animals. Stop looking for conspiracy everywhere.

Christine Manjuck Peterson - That's a lot of emaciated animals to have "just gotten" them.

Roxie N Cary - A trailer stocked with food??? And those animals looked like that!!! Are you serious? I own 8 horses....8!!! That area alone he had them in is so far beyond acceptable.
Where is the hay roll.... where is the water..... I just can't even imagine.
This makes me sick.
Then for someone to make excuses for him...its beyond ignorance

Amanda Fillmore Martin - The county doesn't make a profit rehoming animals. They work to protect the animals.


(Sarasota Patch - July 11, 2017)

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