Tuesday, July 4, 2017

(June 2017) Australia: Boy, 9, mauled in the FACE after throwing himself in front of a Pit Bull to save the life of a three-year-old girl


AUSTRALIA -- A nine-year-old boy is being labelled a hero after protecting a young girl from a Staffordshire Pit Bull Terrier.

Matty Gebauer-Worden was mauled on the face by a dog after he saw the animal about to attack his three-year-old friend Willow.


The dog had escaped from its owner's Adelaide backyard and will be euthanised.

Matty and Willow were at a playground in Evanston Gardens when the dog broke free and found its way to the area.

'He was about to launch into her,  but instead I got in the way and he launched at me,' Matty told Seven News.

He said he absorbed the attack because 'Willow is only three-years-old, she needs to grow up.'


Matty suffered a series of puncture wounds to his mouth and lips and was taken to hospital after the mauling.

His mother said she was 'so proud of him,' while Willow's mum said he was her 'hero.'

The local council say they have seized the dog and it will be euthanized, but the owner will face no further action.

Of course "no further action" will be taken. Rarely is "further action" taken. This leaves the owner free to hand over the vicious dog, go online and get a new Pit Bull the very next day.


(Daily Mail - June 26, 2017)

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