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(June 2017) Georgia: Moron Amber Duewer, 23, left her dog inside her car in 93 degree weather while she shopped at an outlet mall. She told police she left the dog with water and POINTED TO A WATER BOTTLE INSIDE THE VEHICLE!

GEORGIA -- Police have arrested a woman after they say she left her dog in a hot car in Pooler. This is now an ongoing investigation into possible animal cruelty.

High temperatures this time of year can prove deadly for animals left in cars without the windows down or the air conditioning on.

When Pooler police made it on scene to this dog locked in a car, temperatures were in the nineties.

“Hey just don’t do it,” says Pooler Police Deputy Chief Tim Ward.

Major Tim Ward weighs in on the latest case of police responding to a pet locked in a hot car off Pooler Parkway.

“I guess I would say there’s always people that want to say, ‘well if you leave your dog in the car for ten minutes this is how the temperature goes’ I’d say don’t leave your dog in a hot car at all.”

Police arrested 23-year-old Amber Duewer for leaving her dog in a hot car at the Pooler Tanger Outlets. It’s not the first or last call they expect to answer.

“If you go one time, that’s too many,” says Maj. Ward.

The report says police received multiple calls about the pet. When they arrived on scene they found the dog in distress in the front floorboard of the car.

They then called Pooler Fire for help with entering the car. The officer then waited for upwards to 35 minutes, dog still in the car, until Duewer returned.

I'm sorry but that's bull! You see the dog in distress AND YOU LEAVE HIM THERE FOR ANOTHER HALF HOUR TO SUFFER??? Get the dog out, put him in your air-conditioned vehicle and track the time. Why make the dog suffer???? God.

When he questioned her about the dog, the report says she responding by saying it had water alluding to a water bottle sitting in the center console.

“It still goes on even though the message has been repeated over and over again about animals in hot cars, it’s just not a good idea.”

We reached out to Chatham County Animal Services who took the dog, they tell us it is recovering well. Police have charged the owner with animal cruelty.

“Honestly, whether or not it be prosecution or the loss of a pet, I mean this is something that could change your life forever, it’s a bigger decision than it feels like when you leave a pet in a car for a few minutes.”

The pet owner will have her day in court in August.

Full Name: Amber Lynn Duewer
Time: 3:07 PM
Arresting Agency: POOLER PD
Total Bond: $1300
Arrest Age:22
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 06/25/1994
Arrest Location: Chatham County, Georgia
STATUTE: 16-12-4(b) ( M)



(WSAV - June 27, 2017)

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