Wednesday, July 12, 2017

(June 2017) New Jersey: Yorkie mauled by Pit Bull. Vet bill is more than $2,500. Pit Bull owner has not paid one red cent.

NEW JERSEY -- Konsuelo the Yorkie was attacked last week by a pit bull in the City of Bordentown.

Her owner Michele recently moved into the renovated Union Pants factory on Spring Street with her two Yorkies.

A Pit Bull got away from his owner and viciously attacked Konsuelo as Michele stood there watching in horror, trying to keep her second dog out of harms way.


The neighbors came, the police came, the dog owner was identified.  The situation was grave with the evisceration of her organs as she was assisted by another resident with medical knowledge. Konsuelo's Vet bills are too much for Michele to handle.

The pit bull's owner has not paid one cent. 

I walk my dog past that building every day and shiver at the thought, that had we been there on that day and time, I'd be the one living this nightmare.

Michele is a senior with limited income or computer experience so I am starting this fund for her.

My purpose for this go fund me page is to ask for donations of any amount to help Michele pay her Veterinarian's bill.  Consider if everyone gave $10 or $20, it would add up quickly and help Michele put this horrible situation behind her.

Bordentown is a caring friendly community and I know if we stand together, we can raise these needed funds.  Please share this page with anyone you think may be willing to help. Thank you.

Update 1
Konsuelo is doing well considering the large number of stitches and removal of her uterus which was punctured during the attack. Thank you for all the donations. Please share to get the word around.

Update 2
I'd like to thank everyone who donated or inquired about Konsuelo's recovery. Please share this post with friends so we can try to achieve the goal of the Vet's bill.

GoFundMe: Yorkie attacked by Pitbull in Btown
Created June 15, 2017
Gail McCandless
on behalf of Solus McCrin

Jeanne Ratigan donated $10

My dog was attacked by a loose pit bull on March 4, 2017. I haven't seen one red cent thus far, but I'm supposed to be repaid for medical bills by the end of September.

At court, the judge didn't even ask me one question and he did NOT fine the owners; they had to just pay court costs. Thank God I'm not the one who is destitute!

This is Jeanne Ratigan's dog which was also attacked by a Pit Bull.


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