Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ohio: Cuyahoga County Corrections Officer Michael Shaw Jr. had been cited FIVE TIMES by Animal Control before his Pit Bull nearly killed a six-year-old girl

OHIO -- A 6-year-old girl is in critical condition after a pit bull "snapped" on the Fourth of July.

Now, neighbors say they want all of the aggressive dogs out of the neighborhood, before someone else gets hurt.


According to a Cleveland Police report, a little girl named Anastasia and her mother, Dawn Highsmith, 32, were inside a home in the 3900 block of W.22nd Street around 7:45 p.m. when something fell onto the floor, allegedly "spooking" the dog.

Yes, we must try to figure out WHY. Why would this dog do this? There MUST be a reason. The REASON is simple: It's a Pit Bull.

According to a police report obtained by Cleveland 19 News, the brown and white pit bull latched onto Anastasia's face dragging her around the living room before turning onto her mother and Melissa Highsmith.  


A male resident at the home, Cuyahoga County Corrections Officer Michael Shaw Jr., was off duty and able to grab his weapon.

Shaw threw a chair at his dog and was able to separate the dog before getting Dawn Highsmith, Anastasia, Melissa Highsmith and Shaw’s son out of the house.

Dawn Highsmith and Anastasia

Shaw then shot his own Pit Bull four times.

Clearly the dog was still acting crazy because why else would he shoot the dog after he'd cleared all the victims out? If he'd herded everyone outside, why wouldn't he simply grab the dog by the collar and lock it in the bathroom? Because the obvious answer is that it was trying to attack him too.

Highsmith held towels over her Anastasia's body while neighbors helped out according to the police report. Shaw assisted Melissa Highsmith while waiting for Cleveland Police, EMS and Animal Control to arrive.

Both Melissa, Dawn and Anastasia were bitten by Shaw's Pit Bull. All three victims were transported to MetroHealth Medical Center. Anastasia, the child, was last listed in critical condition and will need surgery.

Once Cleveland’s Division of Animal Control arrived they took both, the attacking dog and a second dog, from the home. The conditions and status' of both dogs are unknown. Calls to Cleveland Division of Animal Control’s Chief Animal Control Officer Ed Jamison were not returned Wednesday afternoon.

The neighborhood was somber Wednesday afternoon.

Two neighbors spoke about the aggressive dog problem on their street, saying there are at least half a dozen pit bulls on the block and they all seem aggressive.

Lee Covert has lived on W. 22nd Street his entire life and can’t understand the need for aggressive dogs in the neighborhood.

Cuyahoga County Corrections Officer Michael Shaw Jr.'s Pit Bull had recently been loose and menacing neighbors

According to Covert, the same dog that attacked on July 4 had recently gotten loose and police were called because a neighbor couldn’t get into her car.

Another neighbor who goes by John, is an ex-mail carrier. John, who witnessed the attack from his window, says he walks thirty minutes every day and the dogs on the block are constantly barking at him aggressively.

The dogs have gotten so bad in the area, he carries mace on his belt while outside.  Both neighbors say it could have been their grandchildren, and say something must change.


Apparently, this is not the first of Shaw's canine-related woes. He was cited in February 2016 for failing to provide a dog with adequate food and water, excessive animal noise and three other offenses.

He was also cited last February for his dog running at large, after the animal escaped numerous times from his backyard and roamed the neighborhood.

Likely the same Pit Bull neighbors said was running loose and menacing them.


(WALB - July 6, 2017)


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