Sunday, July 16, 2017

Oklahoma: Can we just stop shaming people who return animals to rescues and shelters? They're doing the responsible thing.

OKLAHOMA -- I came to OK Save A Dog Society's Facebook page trying to read their post about a rescue worker who was assaulted by a man who was trying to leave animals without signing the proper paperwork... anyway, this was the first post to appear on their main page. 

The photo of the beautiful dog caught my eye and the phrase "on-year update"... thinking it would be a nice story about a dog finding a home, instead what I read was a somewhat snarky post about the people who had previously adopted the dog.

Posted on Facebook page for OK Save A Dog Society on July 14 at 8:09pm · 

I just wanted to give a one-year update on a wonderful dog that we adopted from the PetsMart adoption event last summer. (On Memorial).

I believe his name was “Alton” at the time & he is a three-legged German Shepherd that was returned to your care that very same day by a family who was uncomfortable with the attention he was paying their cat.

We brought him home, renamed him “Outlaw” (because, according to my husband, three-wheelers are outlawed in Oklahoma, so it was fitting.) ;)
He & the cat are not buddies, but he most certainly does not try to attack him. He’d LOVE to play with him, but the cat will have none of that. He gets along perfectly with our other dog & our kids. He is a LOVE BUG whose only desire is to be by his humans. He is simply a wonderful fur-baby & we are thankful to have him!

Keep up your good work!!

Just because the dog seems to get along OK with your pet does NOT mean it gets along with all other pets. 

This family did the right thing - returning the dog after having that 'gut feeling' that the German Shepherd was looking at their cat as prey. It only takes a split second for the dog to attack and kill the cat. How could they feel comfortable leaving the dog loose inside the house if they felt this way? Or leaving it in the house with the cat while they go to work? 

They did the right thing bringing the dog back. They didn't sell it on Craigslist. They didn't dump it at the county shelter. They did what they were told to do: "if it doesn't work out bring the dog back to us."

I'm so tired of hearing how the previous owners were 'bad' and that this person saved this animal from the uncaring owners. These type of people who keep their heads buried in the sand and refuse to believe their precious pooch would EVER do anything bad are inviting disaster because they think their pet is 'different'.