Sunday, July 16, 2017

Oregon: Man's Mastiff-Husky viciously attacks and mauls to death a Yellow Lab. He was given a ticket but is allowed to keep the killer dog.

OREGON -- A 41-year-old Redmond man went to authorities amid public and media scrutiny and was cited for his dog's fatal attack on another dog last month at Cline Falls State Park, officials said.

Seth Collins, 41, contacted the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office on Friday to identify himself as the owner of the mastiff-husky mix, Stratos, that viciously attacked and mauled to death Bobbie Person's yellow lab, Buttercup on June 22nd, said sheriff's Lt. Ty Rupert.

After the incident, Collins CLAIMS, he "left the area to avoid a confrontation with Pierson and did not realize the extent of the injuries inflicted to Pierson's dog," Rupert wrote.

If that were the case, he would have immediately called the Sheriff's Office to provide his information IN CASE this woman called in about the attack. He didn't. The only reason he came forward is because he KNEW the media attention would result in someone turning him in.

Collins was issued citations for animal at large and animal nuisance, the lieutenant said.

So the dog isn't being seized???

Rupert also said Collins' second dog on the scene, a border collie, was not involved in the attack, corroborating Pierson's account of the incident.

Animal at large is a Class A violation and carries a potential fine of $435, Rupert said, while animal nuisance is a Class B violation with a possible $260 fine.

The more serious charge of "dangerous dog does not fit the criteria in this case, as the owner does not have a prior conviction," the lieutenant said.

After learning of the charges, Pierson provided this statement Saturday to NewsChannel 21:

"I would like to tell the community a heartfelt thank you for the outpouring of support I've received," she wrote. "I've gotten email from total strangers wishing me condolences and offering to help. It's been overwhelming and extremely touching and has given me strength through his very difficult time."

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Earlier story:

Bobbie Pierson has been bringing her dogs to Cline Falls State Park for years now.

On June 22, her yellow lab, Buttercup, was attacked while lying down by the riverbank.

Pierson, a resident of Crooked River Ranch, said Tuesday a dog she believed to be a brown pit bull attacked her dog before she was even able to react to the situation.

“Nobody could get involved, because the guy was trying to separate  them, and he had them up in the air, swinging them around by their collars," Pierson said. "When it was finally over ,he took off fast, because he knew my dog was hurt. I didn’t realize my dog was hurt. And we put her in the car, and I saw that her ear was split completely open, her whole ear.”

Unfortunately, Buttercup was not able to survive surgery and, according to Steve Myrin at Terrebonne Veterinary Clinic, she died the following day.

Pierson said she has had a tough time dealing with her loss and is devastated by it.

Now, she is hoping that she will be able to find the man who is responsible for harming her dog.

“He obviously has a dangerous dog, and people need to be on the lookout for this red Jeep Cherokee with California plates," Pierson said. "And hopefully let the police know if they see him."

Sheriff's Lt. Joe DeLuca said the man was described as a white male in his early 30s.

While the state park has leash laws, there is a gray area when it comes to keeping your dogs off-leash and allowing them to swim in the river.

Pierson said she hopes that letting people know about what happened to her dog will make a difference, and that no other dog owners have to deal with this situation.

The park host and ranger at Cline Falls State Park said they are aware of the situation, and are being more diligent about enforcing leash laws at the park.


(KTVZ - July 15, 2017)