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Texas: Little boy chased down and attacked by neighbor's Pit Bull, which was known to be aggressive

TEXAS -- A seven-year-old boy was mauled by a friend’s pit bull mix in his Central Texas neighborhood in a vicious attack caught on home security video.

Brison Aldridge was playing outside in the 14400 block of Callan Court in Manor at around 8pm on Monday when a dog named Chucho bolted out of his owner's yard and lunged at the grade-schooler.


Grainy surveillance footage obtained by the local police department shows the animal, described as a large pit bull mix, chasing Brison and repeatedly biting him as he tries to get away.

Once the Pit Bull gets hold of him it does that vicious neck shake back and forth, which is the dog trying to break the neck of its victim.


The owner of the dog runs after Chucho and tries to pull the pet off of Brison during what police described as an ‘unprovoked' attack that lasted 12 seconds.

Even after the owner arrived, the dog circled and avoided its owner focusing on the child it had attacked and jumped in again to attack him. By that time, more adults had arrived and they managed to pull the dog off again.

A quick thinking neighbor grabbed her water
hose and began spraying the Pit Bull

The victim suffered bites to both his upper thighs and the left side of his back, which reportedly required surgery.

He was taken to a hospital to receive treatment for his injuries and was later released to continue his recovery at home.

“Oh it was terrifying, a neighbor child comes up to you and says Brison is being attacked by a dog — and I mean there are so many things that go through your mind,” said Shauna Aldridge. “I just took off running to go see and the neighbors had already stepped in and helped.”

Aldridge says her neighborhood is very tight-knit, in fact her son remains friends with the children who live in the home where the dog came from. But she added that the dog that attacked her son was known to be aggressive, and she didn’t allow her kids to go in that home because of the dog.

Mrs Aldridge noted in an interview with KVUE that while other neighbors rallied around Brison and have been checking up on him since Monday’s attack, the owner of the dog has not reached out to her personally.

The man's 12-year-old son, Thomas Armendariz, spoke to the station KXAN with his parents' permission and shed light on what happened on Monday.

‘My dad was going to take my dog for a walk and there were a bunch of kids playing outside, and the leash broke and [the dog] got outside, and he saw Brison first so he charged after him,’ Armendariz said.

“It makes me a little sad because he was the family dog and we’ve had two dogs die before him,” Armendariz said, hanging his head. “To Brison’s family, we are so sorry for the incident, we are so sorry for my dog biting Brison, we are so sorry.”

He added that police seized the Pit Bull and his father has recommended that the dog be euthanized.

‘To Brison’s family, we are so sorry for the incident, we are so sorry for my dog biting Brison, we are so sorry,’ the 12-year-old said.

For the time being, the Pit Bull has been placed on a 10-day rabies quarantine watch at the Austin Animal Center.

Police said the dog’s owner will be getting city ordinance citations for having an unregistered dog, an unprovoked attack, no proof of rabies vaccination and having an animal at large. That amounts to $400 in fines.


He could also be charged with a third-degree felony in connection to the mauling.

Sgt. C. Struble with Manor police explained that this biting is one of the most extreme biting cases their department has seen. They respond to calls about dogs frequently, but often those calls are about dogs at-large or noise complaints.

He also explained that dogs within the city of Manor must be registered with the city. There are around 100 dogs registered so far. The city of Manor has steps in place to start a dangerous dogs list, but no dogs are currently listed in their system.

Brison's mother says her son, described as an active and outdoorsy boy, is disappointed that he will be spending at least a portion of his summer break lying on the couch, waiting for his wounds to heal, instead of swimming or practicing karate.


Brandi Nicole Morris - I have to say this kid came running from the house. It was probably a ding dong ditch it seems as all the kids start running as the boy did. Dogs are ment to protect there home. I hope the kid is ok but we don't know why he was on the property

Scotty Baird - The kid ran from where he was taunting the dog. Clearly until that happened those kids were playing peacefully with the dog on its own property.

Lisa Rae - Why do people automatically assume that ALL PIT BULLS are AGGRESSIVE?!?!?!?!?! YOU ARE WRONG!!!!!!! it's the people that own them MAKE them that way!!!!! They ARE NOT born aggressive!!!! My family adopted Roxy, a pit bull, from an animal shelter

Anthony Sargent - Yeah the child obviously has antagonized the dog before over and over repeatedly I'm sure kicking a fence teasing him he only wanted the one kid nobody else

Becky Jackson - I don't understand why somebody didn't break the fucking dogs neck! You people are fucking ridiculous! That was a little boy… It doesn't matter what he did. The dog attacked him. I guarantee you if it was my dog it would be a dead dog.

Jan Streitwieser - What were those 2 kids doing? One ran from afar the other was up in the yard. One was carrying someting and dropped it. Dogs are protective. I have a protective dog too.....but he cannot ever be in the frint yard iutside without a leash.

Matthew Boyd - People always try to blame the dog or dog owners!! What about asking the kid what he did, to provoke the dog to run after him? Most dogs and I repeat most dogs that are aggressive and attacking, will attack anyone and this dog was particularly interested in the boy. This dog did not look like an aggressive dog!!

Mike Fillmore - Many of you are not reading the report on what happened! Regardless what the child was doing, the dog attacked THE CHILD! The dog has to be dealt with. The fact that the dog was not registered nor did he have vaccinations on record shows that the owner is not a responsible person. If that was my child I would have broke the dogs neck on the spot!

Karli Wills - Why are animals automatically put down?? Why not a rehabilitation center, first. Pisses me off. Especially if the homeowner wasn't taking proper care of his dog. I feel bad for the little kid and I hope he's okay, but damn. Everyone is so quick to kill these days.

Eli Smith - Where was that kid before this? Was he taunting the dog? Past a fence or a gate? You can't see the kid until he runs out from the corner running away from the dog. Was the dog out loose and just attacked the kid? Too many variables.

Kierstyn Carol Janae Clemons - Was the child actually attacked? It looks more like the dog was trying to play. If it was aggressive it would have went after everyone out there instead of just walking around.



(Daily Mail - July 7, 2017)

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