Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Washington: Man beats Pit Bull off with a pooper scooper after it attacked a small white poodle

WASHINGTON -- Brenda Ritchey posted on Facebook July 13, 2017 ·

My husband Bill Ritchey was walking our dog Ginger and ended up saving a little white poodle that was getting attacked by a pit bull.

Bill had Ginger's pooper scooper and was hitting the pit bull with the pooper scooper but it wouldn't release the little dog. Bill puts the pit bull between his legs and pries the jaw open with his hands to save the little poodle.

Bill loves dogs, he was so upset that he had to hit the pit bull. A neighbor called the police to report the incident. The owner picked up the pit bull that was wagging his tail by then. Bill later called to see if someone claimed the pit and they did.

This sign below was up at the park, how nice - she said "Thank you".

Bill had [the little poodle's] blood all down his legs and still has bruises, both dogs are back safe with their owners. Wow-Bow-Wow-!

I wouldn't be happy that the Pit Bull is back with its owner. The dog is vicious and needs to be put down.