Saturday, July 8, 2017

Wisconsin: After Alexus Moralez's Pit Bull attacked a Pomeranian she was pet sitting, she left him to suffer for 3 weeks before she sought vet care - too late, the dog had to be euthanized

WISCONSIN -- A Racine woman was arrested Thursday after allegedly trying to steal baby clothes and assaulting an officer.

Alexus M. Moralez, 19, of the 1000 block of Hilker Place, faces felony charges of battery to a public officer and discharging bodily fluids at a public safety worker, in addition to misdemeanor charges of retail theft, disorderly conduct, resisting an officer, possession of an illegally obtained prescription medication and two counts of bail jumping.

She also faces misdemeanor charges for earlier alleged incidents, including intentional mistreatment of animals and retail theft.

According to a criminal complaint:

A Walmart loss prevention officer witnessed Moralez allegedly place $345.74 worth of baby clothes in her purse and exit the store on Thursday. Officers responded to the store, 3049 S. Oakes Road, and tried to arrest Moralez.

Moralez reportedly struck an officer in the face after he grabbed Moralez’s phone from her hands. Moralez was “decentralized on the floor” after the punch, and continued to squirm and yell before standing back up.

Moralez, who is reportedly pregnant, told officers her water had broken, but officers observed she had actually urinated in her pants. 

She then allegedly spit in an officer’s face and continued to yell at officers and use profanities.


She repeatedly told officers to kill her baby “because that is the only thing police do.” 

Officers located four anti-anxiety pills in Moralez’s purse for which she did not have a prescription.

Animal abuse charge
According to a separate criminal complaint:

Moralez and a co-defendant were dog-sitting a Pomeranian. The two owned a pit bull of their own.

Moralez’s pit bull attacked the Pomeranian. The dog suffered bruising to its chest and its leg was fractured in multiple spots. 

Moralez and her co-defendant allegedly waited three weeks to take the dog to a veterinarian.

By this time, the dog’s leg was infected and had to be amputated or the dog would have to be euthanized. Moralez and her co-defendant brought the dog back to its owner.

The owner brought the dog back to the vet on June 3, but its leg was swollen “like a rock” and it had labored breathing. The dog then was euthanized. 

The vet said that had the dog received treatment sooner, it likely would have survived.

Racine shoplifting charge

According to another criminal complaint:

Moralez was seen in May 4 security footage pushing a cart out of Shopko, 4801 Washington Ave., Racine, with two full shopping bags filled with merchandise. She allegedly exited the store without paying and loaded everything into a waiting car.

Empty hangers and 14 torn-off price tags were found alongside a pile of empty bags within the store.

If convicted of the felony charges, Moralez faces up to seven years in prison.

Full Name: Alexus Moralez
Alias: Lexi Moralez
Current Age: 19
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 10/15/1997
Height: 5'08"
Weight: 220 lbs
Hair Color: BLK
Eye Color: BRO


(The Journal Times - July 7, 2017)

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