Thursday, July 13, 2017

Wisconsin: Boston Terrier named JoyJoy saved by his Mom who beat Pit Bull off with a stick

WISCONSIN -- Mary Bleier posted on Facebook July 10 at 9:00pm ·
Very traumatic day today.

Walking my 19 lb Boston Terrier, Joyjoy in the park. We were attacked by a pit bull. I saw owner take leash off his collar. I carry a hiking stick. 

Saw the pit bull coming & was yelling at it. He attacked my pup who fought back initially, then my pup was screaming while I was beating the pit bull with my hiking stick, didn't seem to faze him. 

Owner, older female was coming after her dog, saying he got loose, saying he's so protective of her, but her dog would not stop attacking & then ran away from her. Several kids were in the park, they took off.

I felt a muscle in my arm tear from beating on that pit bull & had a painful time lifting Joyjoy, but did get her up in my arms & put her on top of a picnic table, pit bull still running loose, guessing pit bull would come back after us. IT DID!!

I started beating it with my hiking stick again & when owner got close he took off again. I shakily called 911, but forgot to hit the green SEND button. Tried again & got thru. Delavan police came immediately. Took down info while another officer was helping catch the pit bull. Tammy Carlton Monteith & Randy came to help me get to vet.

She is battered, bruised, nothing broken, but has stitches in her leg. Has pain pills & antibiotics, can't walk on leg for 5 days.

Thank you very much for all the help Tammy Carlton Monteith & Randy. Love you both so much. Poor puppy, she's in so much pain. I go see my doctor tomorrow for what I believe in torn muscle in my right arm.

I'm thinking of buying a taser. NEVER want that to happen again. Praying God heals my little girl & that owner of pit bull pays the vet bill $176 so far.

Carol Phillips - Mary, I can't believe this- soo terrible! I actually just had a terrible encounter myself a few weeks ago, with a pitbull. He trapped me, while I was winding up my hose in the corner of my house. Long story. I was very lucky. I'm not over it. Been terrified ever since.I will tell U story when I see You. Sure hope your arm will be ok. And Joy Joy. My heart goes out to U.

Mary Bleier - So sorry Carol Phillips. I want to hear your story too! I'll be there this month, no more baseball games. : D

Becky Weidner - I know you don't know me, I'm friends with Tammy Stirmel, so your post came up in my feed when she commented. I am so sorry you had to go through that. May I ask in which park this happened?

My beagle and I were attacked by a pitbull owned by an older lady who lives near Phoenix Park. If this is the same woman and dog, its happened several times before and something needs to be done.

My dog was bitten but the skin wasn't broken. He had a sore spot for awhile. I my case she was given a first offense ticket and had to have her dog on a 10 day confinement at home. It happened at least one other time after and if this is the third time, she may have to have it put down.

Every time I walk past her house, the dog tries to come through the second story window and many times the screen falls out. I suggest that if you don't want to carry a firearm or a taser, carry a spray bottle of ammonia and spray the dog directly in the eyes. It won't have any choice but to stop attacking. I hope you both recover soon.

Linda Hensgen - If not, you are probably entitled to sue in small claims court, but I am in Illinois. I had to do that after a pit bull attack on me and my golden and no response from an irresponsible neighbor.

Trudy Jury Hicks - Mary are u pressing charges????

Jim Bleier - There is a police report, I don't have it yet. Police Dept will call me when it's ready. I already signed a request for it. Yes, I'm thinking of retaining an attorney.

Mary Bleier
July 11 at 1:36pm ·
She hasnt moved all day so far. Only when I lift her into the rolling basket to go potty. So sorry for her.


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