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Australia: After their Pit Bulls maul Schnauzer, owners provided fake names and phone numbers and ran off with their maulers. Police tell them it's a "civil matter" and won't get involved.

AUSTRALIA -- A Perth woman faces thousands of dollars in vet bills after being left with false details by the owners of two dogs who mauled their schnauzer at a Bunnings store in Inglewood.

Hannah Milk told 6PR's Oliver Peterson her mother was at the hardware store, leaving 12-year-old Monty on a leash outside.

While she was inside the shop she heard dogs attacking and Monty squealing in pain. She ran outside and found two "incredibly aggressive pit bulls or staffy-cross pit bulls" attacking Monty ferociously despite being on a leash, Ms Milk said.

Monty suffered pierce wounds to his skull and jugular, and one of his ears was ripped open.

"My dog was incredibly injured," Ms Milk said. "The owners said 'stop', but they had no control over them."

A brave bystander managed to drag the dogs off the schnauzer Ms Milk said, and an apologetic owner left Ms Milk's mother with their name and number and offered to help with the vet bills.

"In the fluster of it all she didn't ask the owners for their licence."

When Bunnings staff tried to contact the owners they found out they had been provided with fake names and numbers.'

Ms Milk said the vet bill will be "in the thousands", but attempts by Stirling rangers to track down the owners have been unsuccessful so far.

After putting up a post on social media with the description of the dogs and the owners, Ms Milk said numerous people came forward saying their dogs had also fallen victim to attacks by dogs in parks around Bedford and Inglewood with owners fitting the description.

"We want to find them and make them responsible," Ms Milk said.

She said the owners were a man and a woman with the man having an English accent and missing teeth.

"He looks really weathered, he could be in in his 40s or 50s," she said.

She said the woman looked also to be in her 40s with dyed black hair and a curvy figure.

"It's only a matter of time before these dogs kill a child," Ms Milk said.

Hannah Milk added 3 new photos to Facebook August 6 at 9:44pm ·
Monty got his own Channel 10 news story:
Pit bull attack 6/08/2017, your help needed. Please share!

Our lovely, sooky, silly family dog was mauled almost to death by two brindle coloured pit bulls this afternoon whilst sitting patiently as my mum ducked into Bunnings (Inglewood). He was wearing a halti head collar and didn't stand a chance. The pit bulls were viscous and unrelenting and tore at his jugular, ripped an ear and pierced his skull.

The couple who owned them left false names (Lana Henderson and Chris Wellington) and numbers with staff. The woman was mid 40s, Italian looking, had thick, shoulder length dark hair, a tight black t-shirt and boots on. Mum didn't see her parter. Both their pit bulls had thick studded collars.

Our family is asking for your help to find the irresponsible pet owners who caused this to happen. Why?

-The vet bill will be thousands more than my parents can spare right now
-Irresponsible dog owners put our whole community at risk, especially our CHILDREN
-Lying like that makes them SCUM OF THE EARTH who deserve the $10,000 fine for an unrestrained dog that causes injury.

Yes there is cc footage but we were told that it is a civil matter and that we can't get the names of the offenders, if they are ever found. Can't really see the police force putting much energy into this, so PLEASE help us find these mongrels! (The owners, not the dogs).

If you know of anyone who fits the description please contact me!!!

(WA Today AU - August 9, 2017)

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