Saturday, August 5, 2017

Connecticut: Jenna Allen, whose Rottweilers seriously mauled healthcare worker back in 2014, is sentenced to 60 days in jail

CONNECTICUT -- A woman from Plainfield was sentenced Friday to 60 days in prison after her dogs mauled a home health aid and left her severely injured three years ago.

It was an emotional day inside the courtroom as the daughter of the victim spoke out.

Jenna Allen sat quietly before a judge as the daughter of the mauling victim read a statement from her sister.

Lynn Denning is still recovering from horrific injuries that she suffered in 2014 when two of Allen's Rottweilers attacked her, biting off her nose and parts of her face, as well as leaving a gaping hole in her arm.


During the attack, Denning, now 58, had her upper right cheek, parts of both lips, left eyelid and her entire nose torn away, she said. She also had numerous cuts and bites on her breasts, shoulder, arms and legs, requiring extensive and numerous reconstructive surgeries.

“The pain was unbelievable and (I) had trouble talking and breathing because of the blood going down (my) throat,” Denning told police, according to a warrant.


“Until something really tragic happens, you don’t really realize on a day-to-day basis what that person really means to you,” said Tony Denning.

“If this would have bothered him and he couldn’t handle it, I wouldn’t have a life. I wouldn’t want to live,” Lynne said.

"My mom will never be the same woman she was," her daughter said.

Through her sister, Denning said this case was not about revenge, but rather to make dog owner's responsible.

"For me this is about setting a precedent," she said.

Allen responded with a short statement.


Her attorney said they will appeal the conviction.

She is currently free on bond while that process plays out.

Allen had five Rottweilers. The two involved in the attack have been put down.

Jenna's boyfriend Corey Beakey was also charged


(WFSB - August 4, 2017)


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