Saturday, August 5, 2017

(July 2017) Wisconsin" Pit Bull mauls small dog then goes and kills another dog. Nutters, of course, rally to save the killer Pit Bull.

WISCONSIN -- Cheryl Silha posted on Facebook July 29, 2017 ·

This is "Bane".

Bane was mauled by a Pit Bull named "Dexter" a few months ago. He almost died. This took place at a very reputable [doggie] day care.

Luckily the handlers were close by and were able to get Dexter off of Bane before he killed him. It was an unprovoked attack, no eye-contact, no grumbles, nothing. Bane was simply walking by. Dexter was under the care of a local rescue group and residing in one of their foster homes.

Needless to say Dexter was evaluated six ways from Sunday and a couple of the dog behaviorists recommended Dexter be put down. No trainers wanted anything to do with this huge liability.

His foster mom touted him as a kind, gentle, lovable dog that was great with kids. He was put back up for adoption within a few days only they gave him a different name. No mention of the explosive aggression witnessed by professionals. 

Recently I have learned that "Dexter" has attacked another dog belonging to the foster homes' neighbor!!!! The dog was elderly and was injured so badly that he had to be euthanized. 

Why is it that fanatics refuse to believe that sometimes dogs, or animals in general are just not wired right?? We all love them and give them every chance we can, but when something like this happens, you need to take a reality check. This was a big cluster fuck from day one.

Lawyers and a "Save Dexter" campaign were launched. I understand that Dexter has been euthanized. It's such a shame that the rescue and the foster home chose to go blind on this one.

Again, no concern for the victims. It's all about saving the killer dog.