Saturday, August 5, 2017

North Carolina: Nancy Brewer has been charged with 9 felonies in relation to her breeding facility Brewer's Kennel, where four dogs were found dead last month

NORTH CAROLINA -- Charges have been filed against a woman after four dogs were found dead at Brewer’s Kennel last month, according to a news release from the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office.

Nancy B. Brewer, 54, of Burlington, is charged with four counts of felony killing an animal by starvation and five counts of felony cruelty to animals.

Brewer is currently being sought by authorities, the release said.

For several weeks, the sheriff’s office has been involved in an ongoing investigation of Brewer’s Kennel, located on Union Ridge Road.

On July 22, following up on an additional complaint, a criminal investigation was initiated after the discovery four dead dogs at the kennel.

A number of other animals were seized at the time the investigation was initiated.

This case is an odd one because there has been such inconsistent reporting - and that may be because the sheriff's office is not doing a good job at providing the media with accurate information. 

An earlier article said that animal control had been called out several times to Brewer's property and, on all of those occasions, determined that there was no neglect going on. Then suddenly four dogs are dead? And after those dead dogs were discovered, the media reported the sheriff's office as saying the dogs looked healthy (other than being dead) so one would surmise either poisoning or heatstroke killed them. However, now they're saying she was charged with starving dogs to death. Which is it???

Also, because four dogs were dead doesn't mean you can do a "land grab" and take everything simply because you feel sorry for the animals or b/c four dogs were dead. For example, say someone has 4 horses. Three of the horses are younger and appear to be physically fine. The fourth horse, though, is 25 years old, missing most of its teeth and looks like a skeleton. Animal Control responds to a complaint, the owners say they put hay and grain out for the four horses and don't know what's wrong with the skinny horse, other than "it's old". Animal control instructs the owner to consult with a veterinarian who instructs the owners to 1-feed this older horse a mash because it has no teeth and 2-feed this older horse separately so the younger horses don't eat its food. If the owner failed to do this, Animal Control would seize the older, skinny horse -but they wouldn't take ALL the horses. They would only take the animal that is part of the allegation of neglect.

Recently, Heather Duggan has been a vocal defender of Nancy Brewer, who she doesn't seem to have known very long at all. She claims that the police simply hauled Brewer away for five days. Sorry but this isn't Nazi Germany. The police cannot simply take you away for five days. Clearly she was either arrested or forcibly hospitalized due to possible mental issues, but that's usually a 72-hour hold. Like I said, this will be an interesting case. 

Heather Duggan's post on Facebook:
Earlier this year, she called (yet again) to report prowlers along the back of her property near the kennels. She explained to law enforcement that people regularly put hunting stands along the edge of her property and shine lights into her home. Not happy to just take a report, the sheriff’s department hauled Nancy off for five days (have to see when hunting season starts in Alamance County!). They KNEW no one was there to take care of her dogs, but they apparently were ok with them not eating, drinking, etc., for those five days. When Nancy returned, not only were her dogs starving, but several had injuries (things like ligature marks and scrapes on the inside of their rear legs). And two of her dogs were dead (she thinks they were poisoned). Hauling Nancy away from her home seems to be a recurring theme. When her property was (once again) inspected on Saturday, July 22, Nancy was again removed from her property and returned to find that all of her dogs had been taken.

(MyFox8 - August 4, 2017)

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