Friday, August 4, 2017

Ohio: Rufus Hutcherson, Jr. took his granddaughter with him while he abandoned his dog and her puppies, kicking the mama dog when she tried to leave with them.

OHIO -- Charges have been filed against a 70-year-old Dayton man after the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center said he was caught on camera abandoning a dog and four puppies outside.

Charges filed against Rufus Hutcherson, Jr., include cruelty to animals, abandoning animals, failure to restrain a dog, failure to license a dog and furnishing false information, all of which are misdemeanors.

He should also be charged with child abuse.

Surveillance videos from cameras outside the shelter showed a man getting out of the car in the parking lot July 20, "telling" the dog to say and kicking the dog prior to leaving, according to the ARC.

Five days later, Hutcherson visited the shelter and spoke with investigators, at which point he said he had owned the dog for several years. He reportedly told investigators the dog had 10 puppies in the first week of July, but 6 of them died, at which point he brought the surviving puppies and their mother to the shelter.


He claimed he was unable to find anyone at the shelter during the drop off, but he was seen by and saw the ARC Veterinarian as she left for the evening, but didn't attempt to stop or speak with her.


The City of Vandalia Prosecutor's Office accepted charges after officers were unable to locate him at the address or contact information he had been provided, and they are currently pending in the clerk's office.

The ARC has a number of options and programs for owners who cannot care for their pets including fee waivers, community service and I.O.U.s.

These programs cannot be offered when owners choose to abandon their animals on the side of the road, which is what happened in this case.

Cruelty, abandonment, failure to license, failure to restrain and furnishing false information are all criminal offenses under the Ohio Revised Code.

(Fox45Now - August 3, 2017)

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