Thursday, August 3, 2017

Virginia: Pet owner seeking justice for dog attacked by two Pit Bulls

VIRGINIA -- One Pittsylvania County mother says her son is being falsely accused.

Jonathan Lee was charged with two counts of dangerous dogs, two counts of failure to vaccinate, and two counts of failure to have dogs licensed after Animal Control said his two Pit Bulls attacked another dog in Chatham last week.

Renegade, recently back from his veterinary appointment on Monday, seemed happy to be with his beloved owners.

"He's happy go lucky, my official shop greeter, greets all my customers," said Keith Brinkley, Renegade's owner.

But just a little over a month ago, he was covered in blood from his head to his toes.

Brinkley said he caught two Pit Bulls attacking him.

"One Pit Bull on one end chewing on him, and a Pit Bull on the other end chewing on him," explained Brinkley. "It's amazing he's alive, he had a strong will to live."

Brinkley said one of the Pit Bulls charged him as well.

Brinkley doesn't let his Dobermans run loose, and thinks others should do the same.

"I think any dog that is a dangerous breed should be kept up," explained Brinkley.

To find Renegade's attackers, Brinkley said Animal Control asked him to identify some pit bulls.

"Out of six dogs I had to pick two," said Brinkley.

Those two dogs are Jonathan Lee's dogs, Princess and Precious.

"He's been falsely accused, he really has," said Cheri Hamlett, Lee's mother. "I was in the bed that time with both of my Pit Bulls, both of them," said Hamlett.

She said when they go outside, it's mostly contained to her deck.

"My dogs are lovable pits, they're house dogs," explained Hamlett, "They have their tags, they've been vaccinated."

Both pet owners say they want their dogs to be safe.

"They need to get the pits off the street who did this," said Hamlett.

And both pet owners said they want justice for Renegade.

The County Administrator said Lee will have a court hearing on August 25 in Pittsylvania County.

(WSET - August 1, 2017)

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