Saturday, October 28, 2017

Australia: Pit Bull jumps into fenced yard, chases three Chihuahuas into their house through their doggie door and mauls all three of them to death

AUSTRALIA -- An Adelaide mother has described her horror at having her three beloved dogs mauled to death.

Her neighbour, who admits his Pit Bull is responsible for the attack, has apologised and says he is prepared to have his dog put down.


Three Chihuahuas, Tuppence, Trixy and Trinket, were home alone on Ingle Farm on Wednesday when the Pit Bull named Eyebrows jumped the back fence.

“This dog has just gone in and attacked one on the back lawn,” their owner Dianne Ryan said.


“Where the others have run inside through the doggy door and this dog has chased them in and killed them in their own home, inside the house.”

She has been left devastated at the loss of her beloved pets that she cherished as children.


“They were absolutely pampered and loved and that’s why I say I’ve lost family members and I’ve lost my children,” she said.

The Pit Bull’s owner, neighbour Paul Mayne, has apologised for the brutal attack.

“I’m sorry about what happened. The dog’s never been like that at all,” he said.


The Pit Bull is now behind bars on death row after being impounded by the Salisbury council.

“We in Salisbury are very, very, very serious about dog attacks,” Mayor Gillian Aldridge said.


The Pit Bull's owner has seven days to appeal the destruction order but he says he's willing to sign it and have his dog put down.

“If he's killed other people's dogs, eye for an eye sort of thing. He deserves what he gets,” Mr Mayne said.

Ms Ryan agreed.

“This dog has killed and what if it was a child?” she said.

“It got into our house so it needs to be destroyed.”


(Yahoo News - Oct 28, 2017)

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