Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tennessee: Rutherford County judge rules Rachel Jackson's Pit Bull ‘dangerous’ after it attacks neighbors and pets

TENNESSEE -- A vicious dog has been terrorizing a Murfreesboro neighborhood, attacking several other dogs.

The pit bull dog, named Molly, has been labeled by the judge as a dangerous dog, meaning, the owner has to comply with several restrictions to keep other residents safe.

The dog has "somehow" managed to get loose REPEATEDLY and roam the Church Street area near downtown LOOKING FOR PEOPLE AND PETS TO ATTACK.

Molly the pit bill has been on a rampage, violently attacking other dogs in the neighborhood.

“There was just a lot of screaming, it was terrifying,” said neighbor Judy Wilson. “That dog had my dog by the neck and it probably lasted a good minute and a half to 2 minutes.”

Wilson’s dog Maverick was put in a jaw locking choke hold.

“Never been afraid of a dog, never,” Wilson said. “I’ve been cautious, but until you experience just the true viciousness of what happens in that.”

Wilson thought it was the end for her little Maltese-Yorkie (Morkie).

“I thought I can’t believe I’m going to watch my dog die right in my front yard,” Wilson said.


This is not the first time Molly has attacked a dog.

Back in August, a Golden Retriever mix was tied up on a front porch.

Molly got loose from her leash and attacked the dog. In the process, the Golden Retriever’s owner was also bitten.

News 2 has learned a court order has been signed by a judge labeling Molly a dangerous dog for the rest of its life.

The owner, Rachel Jackson, will have to abide by multiple conditions, including placing a sign on the property stating “Beware of Dangerous Dog”, the dog must be placed in a restraint and wear a muzzle if it leaves the home, and wear a collar that clearly identifies it as being dangerous.

If kept outside, the dog will have to be in a double enclosure. For example, in a kennel in an fenced yard.

The owner will also have to show proof of a $100,000 liability insurance policy.

“They have the responsibility I believe to follow the rules to keep everybody else safe,” Wilson said. “Everybody should be able to walk up and down this street with a dog on a leach.”

Wilson’s dog was almost attacked again this week. She is concerned what could happen in the meantime.

“I have to think had that dog maybe seen a small child held by the hand or something, I feel like after my experience what the dog did, the same thing would happen,” Wilson said.

Animal Control officiers will be visting the dog’s owner as soon as Friday to let the owner know about the Dangerous Dog court order.

The owner will have 60 days to comply, or she could simply give up the dog.

No one answered the door while our crew was in the neighborhood and we attempted to call owner, but the listed number was out of service.

DANGEROUS DOG OWNER information listed in the judicial order
Rachel Jackson
907 N. Church
Murfreesboro TN 37130


(WKRN - Dec 7, 2017)