Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Texas: Attacking Pit Bull was "eating my dog"

TEXAS -- Joyce Daugherty Coologhan posted on Facebook December 6, 2017 · Mesquite, TX

Posted by: Kristi Cooper. 12/05/17

Last Tuesday 11/28 my dog was attacked by a pit bull ... I was at work so I did not get to see the dog... we called out animal control which in the end never found the dog ...

I love Pits have one myself but this dog jumped my fence and attacked my dog... he has some major puncture wounds to his left leg...

once a member of my family was able to get this dog to stop “eating” my dog it jumped the fence and then jumped over another fence to approach other dogs in that yard... again all of this was reported to animal control .

What I’m asking is if anyone else saw this happen or knows who’s dog this is... If so, please let me know

Thank you
Happened on Jardin