Friday, January 12, 2018

Australia: Young boy, 10, horrifically mauled by a Bull Terrier - but its owners describe the attack as a 'playful bite'

AUSTRALIA -- This is the awful moment a bull terrier mauls a 10-year-old boy in just 30 seconds as he rides a scooter with his friends.

CCTV footage in the industrial city of Whyalla, north-west of Adelaide shows the dog circling the boys, trying to attack one child before setting its sights on Callum.

At first Callum tried to use his scooter as a weapon, but according to the 10-year-old, it only made the dog “fiercer”.

The dog bit Callum on the leg before pinning him to the ground and biting at his body.

“I put my hands in [the dog’s] mouth and tried to get up,” Callum told the Sunday Mail. “It kind of worked.”


However, the terrifying attack continued. “It jumped on my chest and arm, that’s not that bad, then it bit my leg,” Callum recalled.

The savage attack left Callum with deep and long bite wounds to his leg, arms and chest as he was pinned to the ground.

Fortunately for the young defenseless boy - the neighbor came to Callum’s rescue, punching the dog and pulling it off him.


Callum is at home now resting after his ordeal. He was hospitalized and endured an infection and three surgeries to close the deep wounds in his arms and legs.

'I felt sick to my stomach,' she said. 'If that can happen in 30 seconds, God knows what can happen in a minute.'

The dog's owner has defended the attack as a 'playful bite', Ten Eyewitness News said.

However Callum's family want the bull terrier put down.


'I don't think a dog that is that aggressive should be out on the streets, especially when the children didn't do anything to antagonize the dog,' the boy's mother Kassy Myers said.

Myers wants the dog put down following the horrific attack and is planning to make a civil claim.

“I still remember the owner of the dog said we’re not allowed to take her dog, she didn’t want her dog put down … that her dog’s done nothing wrong,” Kassy said.

“It was disgusting. No dog with that attitude should be out on the streets at all.”

(Daily Mail - January 8, 2018)

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