Sunday, January 21, 2018

Colorado: "Free Pit Bull. She is the friendliest dog... except she is "very dog aggressive... started attacking our oldest Lab"

COLORADO - Free fixed female pit bull. Around two years old. Took her in when a family friend passed away.

We have three other dogs and she is very dog aggressive, she was fine with them for a little while, but had started attacking our oldest lab.

She is the friendliest dog towards people and kids and Is my daughters best friend, she lets her crawl all over her, but absolutely no other dogs in home!

Just because she is free does not mean she will go to anyone... I will be very picky and it will only be to the right home.

OK so "no other dogs in home"... but what happens when this dog gets loose? When she digs under the fence, pulls the leash out of your hands, jumps over a six-foot fence and begins attacking your neighbor's Yorkie? What will you do when it kills your elderly neighbor's beloved dog and then attacks her because she tried to stop it?

(Craigslist Denver - January 20, 2018)

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