Sunday, January 7, 2018

Indiana: Woman climbs on top of car to get away from Pit Bull after it seriously mauls both her legs

INDIANA -- Carla Arnold Polk was feeling scared. Posted on Facebook January 2, 2018 ·

So I was so glad to get to 2018! Now I’m not too sure. I got attacked by a pit bull last night.

Did a lot of damage to both legs, but I am alive and I will recover. I really wonder what this dog is going through to attack for no reason, literally I was walking from my car to the house.

My right leg is the worst of the two, he got me in several different spots on my calf and once on the thigh.

Then on my left leg there are puncture wounds and a long tear. I am using a walker because I can not put a lot of pressure on my legs because the pain is unreal!!

The owner of the dog never apologized, but told the police this is the second time the dog has attacked someone!

I have no hard feelings against the dog but it’s owner will be paying all my medical bills,

They will also be paying for the lost time from work.

Messed up my family tattoo that I got with my sisters. I am not a let’s sue everyone kind of person but I am looking for a lawyer. I know some are thinking be grateful you are ok and it’s just a tattoo!

Well I am grateful I am ok and I will recover, and yes I can get a new tattoo. But I should not have to pay all these bills, miss time off work, or be in this much pain.

I have to go back to the hospital on Wednesday, to make sure there is no infection. Please pray that these wounds heal with no issues.

I just don’t understand. If you want to see pics, I’m putting them in the comments. Let me warn you, they are very gross.

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Katia Grey - Hey I feel like families should trust their dog though. No offense but this is what I live by as a pitbull owner. If she don't like you, I don't like you and you didn't have good intentions in your spirit.

Carla Arnold Polk - I was not at this dogs house, not in the dogs yard or anything. The dog came in my friends yard and attacked me!! The family doesn’t need a dog they can not control.

I didn’t do anything but get out of my vehicle and start walking up to my friends door. So I really have no clue what you are talking about. You nor this damn dog knows what my fucking intentions were!!!

Michael G. Sparger - I'm so sorry this happened to you. A pit bull from across the street, tried to attack my son about a month ago. I got to the dog, before he got to my son. The pit now drags his legs, when he walks.

Jeni Hockema Ware - So sorry, Carla! I see several comments about putting the dog down, but what about having the owner arrested? He admitted that out has attacked before and failed to keep it contained. That's like pointing a loaded gun at someone and having it go off accidentally. The owner won't learn unless he is punished and held responsible in every way possible.


Tammy Lonas - Wow Carla how did you manage to get away from that dog ?? That had to be so scary for you. And what kind of person does not even apologize. I love it you are not having bad feelings towards the dog bc it would be hard not too. You are definitely the bigger person here. So sorry that happened to you and the pain you have to be feeling. Like you already don’t have enough in your life going on some dumb ass is care less with his dog. Follow through and talk to an attorney and get what you can from that p.o.s owner. I hope that doesn’t make you fear dogs now. Get well soon. If you need anything holler ok 😘

Carla Arnold Polk - I got away because Antion Payton started to come out of the house and the dog charged him, I was barely able to climb into the top of his car.

No the dog isn’t his, it’s the neighbors dog. I do believe the dog needs put down but this is on its owner, not the dog.

The worst part is the pain, and the pain meds not working but to curve the pain, not take it away.

But I must give thanks to Antion for getting me help ASAP. To my family for being there for me and taking care of and locking me unconditionally. And to each and everyone of your prayers and thoughts.

Carla Arnold Polk - They are holding the dog for 10 days then they they will put him down